Getting married is a huge stepping stone in a person’s life, it’s a transition into a new beginning. And when they are young, every little girl dreams of their wedding day. The dress, the perfect partner, the colors, etc. But, as the little girls mature, their worries change. They start to worry about the theme, the location, the food, and all the people they need to invite. Invitations take up time and add a lot of stress. Brides probably think, “Where do I even begin?”


Basic Invite gives every bride many options to choose from! There is an invitation for every theme, and they are 100% customizable. For example, one style you can choose from our formal wedding invitations. You are able to choose from 180 color options to match your wedding, several paper types, 40 colors of envelopes that you are able to personalize, and you can add accommodations cards to match as well! To continue with the formal theme, you can even add a pocket to the order. And to ease the stress a little bit more, you are able to personalize cards and order samples of each. It will allow you to make a decision before creating a large order. Any card that you create at Basic Invite will impress all of your guests.


Nowadays, wedding websites are becoming extremely popular! Basic Invite gives you the option to make your own wedding website, they are easy to use and they are mobile-friendly. Also, the website that is created can match your wedding invitation, there are 180 templates to choose from. You can add every detail about your wedding, photos map to direct your guests, and there is an RSVP option. Your guests can let you know if they are attending your wedding right there on your website! And when their information is added, it automatically goes into your address book in your Basic Invite account so you can personalize your envelopes easier. Basic Invite makes everything easier for any event!


Lastly, Basic Invite is currently offering 15% off on all the products on their website, the code is 15FF51. You will be able to apply that into your shopping cart and it will take the money out of your total.

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