A jewel in South Australia’s crown, Adelaide is known for many fantastic things, from gorgeous scenery and art galleries to mouthwatering food and exciting festivals. But did you also know that it is a prime spot for an unforgettable hens party for Australian brides-to-be?

Unsurprisingly, whether it is male strippers, drinking games, boat cruises, or topless waiters Adelaide has a sea of diverse excitement to offer women about to walk down the aisle.

The following is a thrilling list of ideas that Adelaide folks can use to throw the most memorable hens party ever for their friends about to say “I Do.”

  1. Topless Waiters

When it comes to topless waiters, Adelaide has some of the very best to offer women planning a hens party. Once you have the budget, place, time, date, and guest list sorted out, you can choose the men you want to hire from a long list of options. You can hire topless barmen, too, who can concoct some utterly delicious cocktails for your friends.

Remember that these stunning shirtless men are more than mere props at a party. They can bring the ladies their drinks, help plan the party games, and even indulge in some exciting chit-chat with your guests. To take the excitement up a notch, include your Adelaide waiters in any entertaining games to double the fun.

  1. Male Strippers

Adelaide has some of the most exciting male strip clubs you can visit with your girl gang for a memorable party. However, you can also hire strippers to visit your residence or any other place you organise the get-together. Strippers in the city have fantastic physiques and typically parade in gladiators, firemen, police officers, and more costumes.

  1. Life drawing of nude models

Several Adelaide companies provide handsome nude male models for a hens party to make it remarkably entertaining. The idea is to hire a model of your choice and sketch him as accurately as possible. Generally, most women prefer completing the exercise in approximately ninety minutes, but you can change the time as per your wish.

  1. Spa day

Statistics depict that over seventy-nine thousand weddings took place in Australia in 2020 alone, making it one of the highest estimates ever. Hundreds of these were undoubtedly held in Adelaide, one of Australia’s most scenic wedding destinations.

What better way to ensure you are ready for your wedding than by spending a relaxing day at the spa with your closest friends? So, book a day at a reputable local resort and spend quality time together as you get essential grooming treatments done.

Bride making an air kiss on the hen party in the park in the background of the soap balls. Girl on the hen party

  1. Truth or Dare Games

Australians love playing dangerous games on all possible occasions, and this is among the most exciting ones ever. Include a game of truth and dare in your party itinerary, ensuring all the women present at the do divulge secrets, not just the bride-to-be. The game is sure to bring everyone closer together, making it a fun yet touching experience.

  1. Drinking Games

There are adult drinking games, board games that involve cocktails, roulette drinking games, and plenty of other exciting games Adelaide offers young women looking to party. You can also choose the wine-glass chess drinking game or the Balderdash party game for an unforgettable time.

  1. Winery Visits

Adelaide Hill alone offers over sixty wineries for hens party planners to explore. You can also consider a trip to McLaren Vale, Coonawarra, Eden Valley, and Clare Valley, among other spectacular wine regions in South Australia. Try the famous Adelaide Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Sherbet, and other wines, savouring every moment of your trip.

  1. Cocktail Making Classes

Several private bars in Adelaide enable women to book special slots to enjoy a cocktail making experience as part of their hens party. It is among the most popular party ideas in the city, ensuring women become mixologists for a day and learn to whip up delicious drinks at affordable prices.

  1. Boat Cruise

Adelaide brides-to-be that love water will be thrilled to go on a boat cruise as part of their hens do. You can book a dolphin cruise on the port river to enjoy a relaxing time sunbathing on the boat and sipping champagne while Dolphins swim by. The marina pier at Glenelg is another exciting option, allowing you to bring your own drinks or purchase from licensed providers aboard.

  1. Hotel Party

You can book an exciting hotel party for a more sophisticated get-together at reputable Adelaide places like the Stamford Plaza, Rockford, or Richmond. Have the staff customise a special menu to include the bride’s favourite dishes, ensuring she has a beautiful time.

  1. Other Ideas

To add more excitement to your party, you may also consider taking pole dancing classes together to make the party unforgettable. You can also enjoy karaoke and drinks at a popular Adelaide joint or a drunken party bus and limo chauffeur. Alternatively, you can hire a nightclub booth at popular Adelaide spots such as NEON, Zhivago, Envy, etc. A makeover day for the bride-to-be and all her best friends would be icing on the cake.

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