Look, we get it. You’re sick of being single (or at least of previous incompatible partners).

You want someone who will love you for who you are, accept your imperfections, and treat you right.

Finding a soulmate in The United States can be challenging but not impossible.

Some people end up searching all their lives. We believe setting a good foundation is the key to finding a life partner.

That said, here are the top 10 tips for finding a soulmate:

1. Love Yourself First

Be the person you want to meet.

Who sounds more dateable? Girl A who’s crying all the time because she loathes being single, or girl B, who’s so confident and relaxed that she doesn’t need any guy to be happy?

Falling in love with yourself should be the priority.

You may have shortcomings, emotional pain, and hurts. Learn to embrace the shortcomings and everything else, even if previous partners belittled you based on inadequacies.

We often tend to be unkind to ourselves, usually because those who should have loved us ended up being heartless or cruel to us. Their non-stop chatter may linger in your mind every day.

Be cool with who you are and your life situation before getting into a relationship.

2. Go Where Like-Minded Individuals Are

It’s OK to skip those single events, but going to places where you can meet people is important.

Join meet-ups and social groups. Work hard in a cause you’re passionate about. Use an online service like NetPiercer to find social sites and that special someone. 

Get involved in community projects and political parties if politics make you tick.

By doing things, you’re increasing the odds of meeting someone like-minded.

And that means being in good company as well. For instance, if you don’t want someone who goes clubbing on weekends, you shouldn’t hang out in nightclubs. 

Try online dating where there’s a big pool of potential partners. Start by checking out some hook-up sites that are legit.

3. Pursue Partnership, Not Just Romance

Romance is what makes a relationship thrive, right?

Sure, romance is fantastic for dates and fun that helps to kill boredom. 

But only one thing can get you through the most challenging times: partnership.

And how does a partnership work?

Simply put, a partnership is not one-sided. It’s not where one partner gives and commits while the other partner takes.

Instead, a true partnership is where there’s give and take and seeking and considering the other person’s opinion. In other words, look for someone who cares about the things you want too, not just their way.

4. Invest in Friendship

While it’s possible to remain platonic with those around you, friendship before a relationship is essential, particularly if you’re looking for the love of your life.

It’s essential to know what the other person wants to achieve in life, their likes and dislikes, and whether you can confide in them. All these elements are part of a romantic relationship and can start at the friendship level.

If you can’t be happy hanging out with someone you love, spending a lifetime together won’t be easy either.

5. Don’t Be Materialistic

To find the love of your life, be prepared to appreciate the traits that make you fall in love with them. 

Don’t make the mistake of falling in love with their looks, money, house, career, and the likes.

Material things are temporary and can’t form a strong foundation for a long-lasting relationship.

Instead, focus on what truly matters: respect, trust, understanding, honesty, true friendship, and other intangible elements.

6. Stop Looking for an Ideal Soulmate

Perhaps most people haven’t found a life partner because they are looking for a perfect person.

We all have flaws, and finding an ideal partner is not possible.

No, you don’t have to condone someone’s abusive behavior as an excuse for their flaws.

There are things one person can’t just get right in a relationship, but such things won’t affect the relationship negatively because the other partner can make up for those limitations.

While dating, open up about each other’s shortcomings and see whether it’s something you can cope with.

7. Be Yourself

Being real doesn’t cost a thing, but it’s the most challenging thing to achieve in a relationship.

Many folks out there are faking it, and sooner or later, their true colors show.

Be yourself right off the bat, and if the other person doesn’t find it comfortable, you’ll save each other’s time.

If someone forces you to change to remain in a relationship, or you’re forcing them to change so they can suit you, then that relationship won’t last long.

8. Find Someone Whose Personality Can Complement Yours

Clashing personalities among partners can lead to irreconcilable differences that could ruin the relationship. That’s why you want a future partner whose personality blends in well with yours. 

In other words, the two of you should have a balanced personality.

What one partner has should supplement what the other lacks. For instance, one partner may have brilliant business ideas but are deficient when it comes to implementation.

In that case, his or her partner should have the capabilities and determination to turn the ideas into real-life business ventures.

9. Consider What Your Friends and Family May Have to Say

When in love, there’s usually one problem: you’re head over heels, and you can’t think correctly.

That’s why you should allow those close to you to provide their opinion.

So before the relationship gets serious, it’s better to introduce your newly found love to your friends and family.

If most of your friends and family don’t like your partner, you need to ask why. Take a moment to perceive the person from other people’s points of view. After that, see if you still want to pursue the relationship.

10. Stop Pursuing Someone Who isn’t Available

A mistake most people make is to keep chasing a person who is either uninterested or taken.

If he/she doesn’t return your texts for days on end or keeps ignoring your calls, chances are they aren’t into you.

Similarly, if you’ve been planning dates that never materialize because the other person is too busy, it’s probably time to move on.

You’ll know a potential soulmate because they are available to communicate with you and are willing to set aside time so you can know each other well.

Wrap up

Not only will following the above tips help you find the love of your life, but it will guide you into remaining in an equal and loving relationship. Start loving yourself, know what you want, and go out there to find your match.

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