When going through a divorce many people wonder if online divorce is a better option than hiring an attorney. Oftentimes people don’t want to lose a ton of money, but sadly the truth is, is that divorce can be costly. When it comes to deciding whether to hire an attorney or use an online divorce company the choice can be easy. Only you will know what the best option will be for you and your family. There are a few things you need to consider, though, before you make your decision.


Read the following to find out which option will work for you.


Should you hire an attorney?


If you and your spouse are heading into a contested divorce, then hiring an attorney will be the right option. An attorney will represent you in court and will be able to fight your battles for you to get you what you want. A lawyer is more expensive than using an online divorce company, but if your divorce case is particularly complicated, then hiring a lawyer is the better option, as they will help you get what you want out of your divorce. This is especially true if you have children and are fighting custody battles. You can still save money though when hiring an attorney if you work cleverly.


Follow these tips to save some money when using an attorney:


  • Only call your lawyer if you are unsure about something in your documentation.
  • When you meet your attorney, make sure that you have all your questions written out on paper beforehand. By doing this you will save time, and time saves you money. Attorneys charge per hour. Sometimes even up to $500 an hour. So the less time you spend with your attorney the better.
  • Get an exact breakdown of your attorney’s fees, so that you won’t get a huge bill at the end of your divorce.
  • Find out if your attorney has a call out fee. If they do, rather meet them at their offices if you can. This will save you some money.


Pros of using an attorney


  • Legal advice
  • An attorney can represent you in court during tough battles
  • Professional service
  • An attorney can help get you what you want out of your divorce



Cons of using an attorney


  • Attorneys can be extremely expensive, especially if you go to trial.
  • Some attorneys might just want your money. Therefore they could draw out the entire divorce procedure
  • You might end up with extra fees if the attorney doesn’t break down their fee structure for you.


So you might need to hire an attorney if your situation is complicated. If it’s not complicated, then rather choose an online divorce service. Below, we will discuss what an online divorce entails and if it could work for you.


What about using an online divorce service?


Online divorce is much cheaper than hiring an attorney, but you will need to decide whether or not you really need an attorney. When it comes to using an online divorce company, it’s more for couples who don’t really have issues with their divorce. So if your divorce is uncontested, then an online divorce can work for you. This means that you and your spouse agree to things, such as how to divide your assets and debts. You also agree on child custody and maintenance.


Online divorce is cheap and affordable. On average an online divorce can cost up to $500 max for both couples. Some companies start their packages for as little as $139. You can imagine how much money you can save, especially when attorneys charge you the same price or more per hour. Remember an attorney also represents you in court, so your divorce could end up costing thousands of dollars with an attorney. If you have an uncontested divorce, then you don’t need to use an attorney.


An online divorce service is also really easy to use. All you need to do is fill out an online questionnaire, and then your divorce documents will be sent to you. This usually happens within 24 hours. The documents that you receive will be up to date and court-approved. The papers will also be the correct papers for your specific case. You can also file for a divorce from home, which makes it really convenient.


Another great thing about online divorce is that there is fantastic customer care. If you have any questions, you can ask, and they will happily help you. In some cases, they even have lawyers that you can ask questions, if you are unsure of anything. This will be at an extra cost though.


What are the pros of an online divorce service?


  • Affordable divorce
  • Easy to use
  • You get your divorce documents within a few hours
  • Customer service is efficient and helpful
  • You can get a divorce without having to leave your house.


What are the cons of an online divorce service?


  • You might have to pay extra for an attorney or a lawyer if you have serious problems with your divorce.
  • You can only use online divorce if you have an uncontested divorce. Can cost you more if you choose the wrong company.
  • There might be scammers out there, so choose a reputable company.


There are many positives to using an online divorce service, as you can see. If you have an uncomplicated divorce, rather use an online divorce service. You can really save money, and it’s easy.




When it comes to deciding whether to use an online divorce service or hiring an attorney, you will need to look at your specific circumstances. If you have an easy, straight forward divorce, you do not need to hire an attorney. Rather use an online divorce company, so that you can save money. If your divorce is complicated and messy, then using an attorney will be the best option, so that you don’t make any decisions that you will regret later.


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