When passions subside, couples in love often wonder what to do together to add variety to the relationship? Classic walks together, visits to cafes and cinemas, and home gatherings are a good strategy that your boyfriend will certainly appreciate, but all this quickly gets boring. So, you should think about what would be really exciting for your boyfriend and try to embrace his interests. Moreover, it will take your relationship to a whole new level. It’s really entertaining, and most importantly, you will be together – worth a try! There are several ways to diversify your pastime.

Extreme vacation for two

Can’t live without extreme? Then you can engage in skydiving, paragliding, and even piloting an airplane. Well, if you aren’t ready for this yet, there are endless options for adventures: hiking in the mountains, diving, or maybe you want to try ultra-extreme rufering and digging – entertainment that can rattle the nerves of the most fearless adrenaline junkies. The choice is yours, but in any case, the image of a determined lady Croft is always incredibly attractive to a man!


Today, eSports is gaining more and more popularity. If your loved one often mentions such concepts as “server”, “stream”, “skill”, “lag”, “bug” and similar “spells”, it means he is really interested in video games. You can share his passion without even getting off the comfortable couch. After spending just a few minutes creating a cute character in the favorite computer game of your beloved, you get hours of exciting adventures in a variety of magical worlds and universes. Who knows, perhaps by becoming a real team, you will not only strengthen a relationship but also win considerable cash prizes.

Wine tasting

Wine invites to pleasant romantic conversations. If there are no real vineyards nearby, buy a couple of bottles of good wine, expensive cheese, and arrange your own tasting party at home. After that, you can go for a night walk around the city or watch your favorite movies hugging under a warm blanket. Wine tasting is also a good idea for a first date if you are starting a single woman dating.

Engagement in sports

A very effective way to spend more time with a boyfriend is to share his sports interests. If you devote enough time to physical activities, you will enjoy both the process and the result. In addition, a spectacular beach-ready body will become a pleasant bonus for you! Master the popular hoverboard, start jogging, or learn to play tennis – the main thing is to show your boyfriend that your interest is genuine and you really like what you are doing together. 

Dream travel

Every person has a dream, and often, in the daily hustle and bustle, it is very difficult to squeeze in the time to fulfill it. Perhaps your boyfriend mentioned that he has long wanted to go somewhere – then you have a great opportunity to arrange the trip of his dreams! It doesn’t matter whether your partner wants to climb Everest, take a selfie with Niagara Falls, see the northern lights, or eat fried sausages at the Munich beer festival – fulfilling even the most ridiculous desire will cause sincere delight in your loved one and provide you an additional courting period.

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