Women are sensitive to men’s courtship. Of course, you can do without courting a girl, especially if you know her for three seconds or don’t make serious plans for a new girlfriend. But if you want to develop a long-term relationship with worthy Ukrainian ladies for marriage, it makes sense to try and bring your love affair to the next level.

Know Your Value

Before you try to build a relationship, you need to know what you would like to get from your life and the relationship itself. Moreover, if you are unhappy with who you are, this kind of thought can cause insecurity in your dating process with girls.

Look Good 

Girls like guys who look and smell good. So, there’s no reason to lose points of female interest on nothing. You should be attractive and able to make a pleasant impression on a girl. In this regard, throw out the idea, for example, to meet the girl after visiting the gym. 

Dating Attributes

Ladies love surprises and gifts. That’s one of the reasons why they want to be the object of attention. So, you can send flowers, candy, or anything else that will make her smile.

Tell Her She’s Gorgeous

Women like to dress nicely and look spectacular using various tools besides their natural beauty, such as cosmetics and accessories. And while they look great with all that jewelry, let the girl know that she’s beautiful even without it. 

Introduce Her to Your Friends

A girl will probably never ask you to do this, but she will genuinely want to be part of your circle by getting to know people you’re friends with. By organizing a meeting with your friends, you will make her feel special. 

Take the Initiative

Women pay attention to men who show leadership. Plan your dates yourself, and don’t let the responsibility fall on a woman’s shoulders. When the girl wants to, she will make some suggestions, but take the initiative yourself if that moment hasn’t come. 

Make Your Girlfriend Smile 

Make her feel that you can always make her smile. Do silly and crazy things with her. 

Listen What Your Girl Tells You

Show interest in what the girl tells you, even if it’s about an upcoming fashion show. Show her that you’re someone your girlfriend can talk to about anything in the world. 

Take Your Time

You need to enjoy every moment of life, not live in your thoughts and plans. Be happy that you have each other!


Hold your girlfriend’s hand as you walk down the street, in the park, or at the mall. This will make her feel safe around you.

Follow the Etiquette

Don’t smoke in front of your lady without her permission. When going in and out of a room, you should open the door and let the girl go first, etc.

Don’t Be Lazy

To make your romance promising, you should work on it: consider mutual interests, be generous, and take responsibility.

Don’t Hold Grudges

As soon as you start your love affair, agree on what you’re ready to discuss. Don’t hesitate to explain that certain topics are painful for you. This is the way to get along with each other.

Stop Suppressing Your Partner

No need to make your couple do everything you want. Let her feel free to act. Women need that.

Avoid Considering Your Bride as a Universal Constant

Always remember that a woman hasn’t come to your life since you were born, and she’s free to leave. So, you shouldn’t throw tantrums. Just make her feel good with you.

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