Strollers and parents are like best friends. But sometimes they can give you a headache. This is one reason parents often choose strollers and baby tools that are most convenient for them, especially for parents who are always on the go. For new parents, you may haven’t heard of the travel system stroller. If so, feel free to read on and learn more.

What Is A Travel System Stroller?

When you see a stroller and baby car seat attached as one, that is called a Travel System Stroller. It is made conveniently for traveling purposes so going out and strolling with your little one is a lot easier. They vary in different sizes and different features. Depending on your specific needs, you can find one that is appropriate for you to use. 

Some brands offer package deals for a travel system stroller. You can purchase a set, or you can customize your own set and purchase from different brands. Brands like Beautiful Bambino, Graco, and Evenflo offer a travel system bundle. Take note that if you customize your travel system stroller, you might need to get an adapter so that the two pieces would fit together. 

If you wish to save cash, the best option would be to purchase a set from the same brand. That way, you are assured of the compatibility of the pieces, and you can also check the items all at once. Since they come in a bundle, some brands offer a value price or a discounted deal if you purchase a set. 

How does it work?

Depending on the brand of feature you have with your travel system, you can easily detach the seat and snuck it directly to your car seat. Right after that, you can fold your stroller and put it back in your car’s compartment. If you’re using an adapter for your baby’s car seat, install the adapter first into your car seat, followed by your baby’s car seat. If you want to put it back, you do the same process again. 

Here is a list of travel system strollers that you might want to check out.

Beautiful Bambino’s Egg Travel System 

This set includes a Chassis, Seat unit, Carrycot, Cream Fur liner, Footmuff, Backpack, Multi-car seat adaptors, Carseat, Isofix Base, and Raincover. The set features a 2-way reclining seat, adjustable leg-rest, and adjustable canopy. The handlebar can also be adjusted to 5 height positions.

Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System

This set includes a stroller, car seat base, canopy, storage basket, and other accessories. It features 6 more convenient uses. It also has removable features like armbars and a snack tray. 

Graco FastAction Fold Travel System

This set includes a stroller, car seat unit, canopy, child tray, kids and adults cup holder, and a storage basket. It features one second-one hand fold, a tray and cup holder that you can pivot, a 3-5 point adjustable harness, and a reclining seat to set in multiple positions. If you have twins, you can check out Graco DuoGlider Double Stroller. 


Most of these travel systems can be heavy, but you can still find a lightweight one. Sometimes they are too bulky for your car’s compartment, and sometimes the other accessories it comes with are a bit flimsy. Despite the cons, the travel system’s concept alone has saved tons of parents from all the troubles they face daily. The bottom line is, you still need to check and try it for yourself so you’ll know if it’s the right travel system for you, your baby, and your car. 

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