Baby strollers are beneficial for carrying your baby conveniently and comfortably over long walks. Many parents refer the baby stroller as a godsend because it makes their transportation easier with the kids. In today’s era, there are various types of strollers in the market, each for a specific need and preference. Choosing a baby stroller among these huge varieties can become quite confusing for any parent.

Thus, it is essential for you as a parent to gain a detailed understanding of what options are available in the market and which one would be preferable for your child’s needs. For instance, while looking for a double stroller, you should look for an easy folding mechanism as it allows you to quickly open and close the stroller, according to Baby Monitor Town. Likewise, we have listed different types of baby strollers along with their features and benefits in this article, which will help you to make a suitable choice. You can consider the age of your child, your location, and the budget to choose the right baby stroller for your kid.

Standard Strollers:

Standard strollers are known for their durability and comfort. They are easy to push and can accommodate your baby from infancy until their toddlerhood. These types of standard units come in various sizes and weights. You can find the standard strollers starting with a weight range of fewer than 20 pounds and can go up to 40 pounds. This size and weight variation turns to be helpful for different requirements of the parents. These baby strollers also provide a convenient travel system but can become bulky if you choose heavier weights.

Some of the standard strollers do not contain all the whistles and bells, but they do have fully reclining seats. The seats are designed to roll well on plain and smooth surfaces such as malls or polished city sidewalks. Besides, some models use shock absorbs on all the wheels, which increases the safety of your baby. The standard strollers have a two-step and one-handed releasing system for folding them, which makes it easier for you to open or close them while carrying your baby.

Prams/Carriage Strollers:

If you want to go on leisure walks with your newborn baby, then the prams or carriage strollers will be a perfect choice for you. They are flat and rectangular in shape to carry the baby horizontally that is mostly sleeping. These strollers contain comfortable, fluffy, and soft cushions to keep the newborns safe and sound as they try to roll continuously from one side to another.

Moreover, the carriage strollers contain a canopy attached to the upper side to provide shade to the baby when needed. These strollers are lightweight and easy to handle, so there is no much effort required to carry them. They also look stylish on the streets, which makes the parents feel joyful while walking with their newborn baby. Remember that the prams are unsuitable to carry for long distance travel and they are also incompatible with the car seats. So, you can take them only for casual walks with your baby.

Lightweight strollers:

The lightweight strollers have become popular in recent years as the parents are trying to choose everything that is convenient and comfortable for carrying their baby. These strollers are made with sturdy and durable materials so that you can take them for long distance walks or running tasks. This quality indicates that the lightweight strollers are easy to handle and manipulate while walking for long distances. You can carry them while visiting the grocery store or shopping with your kids. Moreover, they are easy to push with one hand, which leaves your other hand free to carry additional belongings. But these strollers are not ideal for newborns as they don’t have reclining seats and are easily jostled.

Double strollers:

Double strollers are perfect if you carry twins or two children with you. They include side-by-side or front-facing seats along with food tray, drink tray, and double canopy. While choosing the double strollers, you should prefer sturdiness as it ensures durability.

Besides, these stroller’s frame and wheels are already reinforced to offer more stability and support while you are walking with the kids. They are expensive compared to single strollers because of additional features, extra units, and better materials.

Running/Jogging Strollers:

If you are a parent who loves to maintain an active lifestyle regardless of the busy schedule, then the jogging stroller will be a perfect choice for you. This means you can carry your baby with you in these strollers while jogging. These models include a 4-point harness, wrist wrap, easy swivel wheels, thick tires, and a lightweight frame. The frame is usually made with a combination of high density polyethylene and titanium. Some models may include other types of strong metals.

Tires filled with air make it easier to go on for miles without interrupting you in the mid of your jogging sessions. Moreover, the frame is made durable and sturdy to carry the weight of your baby and also absorb the impact of bumps. This feature makes the jogging strollers suitable for different types of terrains, but some of them wouldn’t be suitable for snow or sleet. These strollers are expensive because of the additional safety features.

Travel system strollers:

Travel system strollers are much more than just a seat on two wheels or a carriage for your baby. They are designed to fit into various aspects that occur while travelling with a baby. Some of the features include a car seat and a toddler stroller base. They are compatible with most car seats are can be easily handled by the new parents. The travel system strollers can be somewhat expensive than other strollers but are worth the provided features. The best part about the travel system strollers is that you can take your child to long distances and enjoy your rides.


There are different types of baby strollers in the market which provide unique features for the needs of various kids and their parents. The best strollers will always be the ones that offer you excellent value along with considering the comfort and safety of your child.


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