Planning a kids’ party comes with a lot of responsibilities.

When preparing for a child’s birthday party or sleepover, you want to make sure each child feels included. Parents are entrusting you with their children for a few hours, so you want to make sure proper amenities are available, and everyone feels comfortable.

The right cake, banners and balloons are all essential, but there are other things to note when preparing for a birthday party for kids with varying abilities, dietary restrictions and more. Consider these key features to create a memorable yet safe and inclusive gathering.

Evacuation Chairs

If your home has stairs, keep an evacuation chair available in case of emergencies. With the help of one person pushing the chair, this tool can help you ensure every child is able to exit the house in the case of an emergency safely. Evacuation chairs are also essential for homes with staircases leading to the front door. With an evacuation chair, no one will be left behind or isolated.

Be Aware of Allergies

When hosting any party, it’s essential to know any guest allergies. In addition, when catering for children, ensure inclusivity by being aware of dietary needs. According to Food Allergy Research and Education, about 1 out of every 13 children is allergic to at least one type of food and roughly 2 in each classroom.

If you can’t provide food that fits everyone’s dietary needs, make sure there are labels on each snack or food. Place food with no restrictions on one table and food with dietary descriptions on another to avoid any cross-contamination.

Know the allergies present, be aware of which child has an EpiPen on them, learn how to administer it to create an inclusive and comfortable atmosphere for both parents and children.

Keep Away Sharp Items

The last thing any parent wants to have to do is call the paramedics at a party. Depending on the age group, you should keep all sharp and dangerous home appliances away from the guests. As a safety precaution, opt-in for plastic utensils when kids are around.

Plan it Outdoors

If your region allows you to throw a party, consider doing it outdoors for maximum safety measures. With COVID-19 still lingering, parents may have some reservations about sending their kids to a party. When you plan a gathering outdoors, you minimize the risk and open up the party to a large audience. Have a hand washing station available and sanitizer around.

Plan Inclusive Activities

While a bouncy castle is fun, it may not be the go-to if you’re trying to be inclusive. To ensure all kids feel included in the activities, have various games that both kids and parents can take part in. For example, the classic game of hide-and-seek provides everyone with an opportunity to play.

When you’re planning a party for your kid, inclusivity should be your top focus. You want both parents and children to know that when they come over, that they will be welcomed by fun, food, inclusivity and safety.

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