It seems that prayer is one area of life that isn’t garnering the results most would like to see. Any misunderstanding in this area can make a mess of things and can lead to spiritual misguiding in a big way.

For Christians, the Lord said that even the hypocrites pray (Matthew 6:5). That is an interesting point that Jesus brought up. Whether you believe in Him or not, the essence of what He was saying is that there is a right and a wrong way to pray.

Ask most who believe in something higher than themselves and they don’t usually think of a hypocrite as a prayer warrior. Anyone who is praying has to be on the right track, they think. Nothing could be further from the truth since hypocrites love to pray.

All this wrong prayer has opened the mind of people around the world that prayer needs to be done right. Praying in line with God’s Word has to be fine-tuned.   

How To Pray Wrong

The great thing about Jesus Christ is He showed how to pray wrong before He revealed how to pray properly. Thankfully He taught what wouldn’t work first and then stepped into explaining revelation about praying right.

Don’t be fooled, prayer today needs some serious correcting. For many, prayer is just an exercise they go through to clear their conscience. They figure if they pray for a certain amount of time everything will just work out. Somehow they feel they can manipulate God into giving them what they want if they just pray long enough. All versions of Bibles clearly shows that the motive of the heart is everything.

God wants your heart when you pray. Your heart attitude is much more important to Him than what you lift up to Him when praying. Just because you spend 30 minutes, or more, in what you think is a prayer to God doesn’t mean you’re making any spiritual progress. If your heart is not right, your prayer is not right. You can find out more guides online about the correct way of praying.

Check The Motive Of Prayer

If you look at Matthew 6:5 in the Christian Bible you’ll see how the hypocrites pray. They pray to be seen of men and to impress them. There are times to pray loud and times to pray softly. There are times to lead a group of people in prayer and times to simply silently agree. All in all, it’s always about your heart while you pray.

Checking the motive behind your daily prayer is a great place to look first if you don’t get the results you desire in prayer. Are you praying from a place of love? Do you really want another person to be blessed?

Often time it’s the heart that is the culprit to unanswered prayer. If you’ve prayed for something for a year and not seen an answer or if you lack in provision, then check your heart. In reality, it’s not God who hasn’t been answering prayer. It’s simply been prayer done wrong.

You Can’t Budge God

Quite a number of Christians approach prayer from the angle of moving God. They believe if they pray hard enough or get enough people to agree together then they will get God to move. Sure, God can do anything but they believe He has to be pushed. Essentially, they believe that prayer is how to make God do what you want. If that sounds too close to home, then chances are, you are building your daily prayer life on bad ground.

Through Jesus Christ, according to Christianity, God did everything for you that you will ever need. He took care of it all through His Son. He moved once and for all in the Cross, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Every promise of God is ‘yes’ and ‘amen’ through Christ.

In the eyes of God, the sins of the entire fallen world have been forgiven. The sacrifice of Jesus was perfect and complete to a Christian. Now, this doesn’t mean that everyone is automatically delivered, saved, or healed. It takes faith and every individual person, with a pure heart, needs to receive the promises of God themselves. Even in a natural sense, a gift given to you must be taken by you from the one who gives it to you.

So examine your heart today and make the necessary changes in your prayer life in order to bring about dramatic answers to what you are believing for.

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