Throughout the ages, amongst the other domesticated animals, dogs have been proven to be the best companion of humankind. A dog’s friendship with humans has a long history of trust, protection and love.


Adopting a dog is like adding a new member to the family. Most dog breeds are good human companions but choosing the right one depends on your lifestyle, the space you have, and your activity level.


The following tips can be helpful while deciding on which dog to adopt for your kid:


Living Area


Your way of living i.e. your living location and space is very important while choosing a dog for your family with kids. For small apartment homes, it’s better to go with a small size dog. If you live in the countryside or in big houses you can choose a big energetic dog for your kids. One great breed to consider is a mini husky, which you can find more information about here at


Puppy or Adult Dog


The average dog can go on to live for a decade, some even longer. Hence adopting a puppy is a long term experience. Consider if you will be able to take care of a dog for that considerable amount of time in case you are getting a puppy. An adult dog will be with you for a shorter period of time.


For your kid it’s always better to get a puppy. This way the puppy grows up with the kid and they both grow a special bond. Your kids will also learn to take responsibility for the dog gradually as they grow up.


Taking Care


Different breeds of dog need different types of care. Both puppy and adult dog requires proper grooming to adjust with the social environment. You should give the relatively easy jobs of maintaining the dog to your kid.


You have to provide proper hygienic living conditions to your dog and provide shelter from all the elements. Grooming them and trimming their nails also need to be done periodically. You would also have to ensure that the food you provided are of good quality and nutritional. You can research for a list of dog food that are high in fiber and there are probably plenty of them available in the market.


Your Financial Condition


Buying a dog might be expensive depending on the type of dog. Taking care of a dog can be a bit expensive as well. You should be wise enough to bring a puppy for your kid which can be easily maintained financially.


You need to go through a medical examination before adopting the dog as it is a good idea to find its medical condition beforehand. Keep in mind; dogs also need costly vaccination during different laps of their age.


After bringing the dog home you will need to buy a few essentials such as a dog crate, bed, and a few bowls for food and water. A sweater and additional warm clothes are also required for the winter periods.


Dog’s Attitude


Your dog’s temperament should match with your family especially your kid’s age and condition in order to ensure the best cohabitation. Energetic and playful kids will do better with friendly and active dogs, while more quiet children will do better with dogs of a similar calm attitude. You should bring your whole family to meet the dog before bringing it home.


Dog’s Activity


A dog needs to be walked regularly for a certain period of time. They also need to do physical activities like running, jumping, and fetching for their wellbeing. So if you want to bring a dog for your kid then you must keep these factors in mind.


You have to make the time to perform these activities with your dog. You need to teach your kid to do the same so they have a better chance of bonding.


Dog’s Coat


You might prefer dogs with shorter coats which don’t require professional grooming. Some dogs shed very little, but they might require professional trimming. So before getting the dog you must consider how much time you can spare for grooming the dog and cleaning the house after the dog sheds fur.


Considerable Breeds for Kids


Below are a few considerations for you when you are thinking of getting a good companion for your kid.


Pug: Among the small dogs, pug has proved to be one of the best choices for kids. They are an ideal house dog as they accommodate very easily in small spaces. They are cute and smart, have good patience and they can be trained easily.


Corgi: Corgi puppies are the cutest with their short legs and long, bread loaf body. They have lots of energy and are very playful hence they can become great buddies for your kids. They like to play in the outdoors a lot so it will be a great exercise as well for the children.



Beagle is one of the excellent types of hunting dogs. Beagles are very curious type and they also need a lot of exercise for their well being. Beagles can be a good choice as a new family member as they are funny and easy going and are very loyal to their companions.


Labrador retriever: Labrador retrievers are Velcro dogs. They become very attached to the owner. If you choose a Labrador for your kid then it will be a companion for a lifetime. Labrador retriever is one of the most popular breeds of dog as they are gentle, outgoing and very easily trainable.


Bull dog: Bulldogs are a wonderful family pet and most children love them a lot. They are dependable and very active to solicit human attention. They also get along very well with other house pets. If you want to learn more about bulldogs, check out this How to raise a bulldog article.


Collie: Collie is a sensitive and intelligent dog. It has an undying loyalty to its owner and amazing ability to foresee the owner’s need.


Poodle: If your kid has allergies then it’s wise to choose a Standard Poodle. Poodles don’t shed as much as other breeds and they prove to be an excellent playmate for your kid. The standard poodle is known to be very playful and good natured.




Bringing a dog into the family is a huge responsibility. One you must all be willing to share together, be it an adult or child. If you all pitch in to raise the dog together then you are bound to have a loving experience from day one. So choose the right dog for your child, keeping your needs and conditions in mind and make it a lifetime memorable experience.


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