Turmeric has been the talk of the town for many years. Our ancestors loved turmeric for its flavor, immense health benefits, and healing properties. Despite our mothers telling us to have turmeric, rarely do any of us try it. If you don’t have turmeric yourself, why not make your dog have it?

It is shocking for some people to know that turmeric benefits humans and dogs. Turmeric is a great space for dogs, but with utmost caution. It has a few properties that help dogs recover faster.

Most people have questions such as if turmeric is safe to use by any docile and dangerous dogs and in how much quantity. This article is all about the benefits of turmeric for dogs and how to make them have it. Dive right into the article if you struggle to keep up with your dog’s health.

Benefits of Turmeric for Dogs

Turmeric is revolutionary for human health but can also pose numerous benefits to a dog’s health. It is also known as one of the lifesaving foods for dogs due to its spectacular anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Let’s explore the top 5 turmeric benefits for dog health:

1.    Help Fight/Prevent Cancer

Dogs are prone to diseases and health concerns, especially after they reach their older age. Dogs become extremely sensitive in their older age; hence, they risk developing cancer. With early care, dog owners can prevent their dogs from getting cancer.

Turmeric has antioxidants that help eliminate free radicals from the body. Free radicals can increase the chance of cancer; hence, flushing them out is the key to restricting the development of diseases. Turmeric flavor dog chew bars can help prevent or restrict the multiplication of cancer cells.

2.    Faster Healing

Turmeric supplements promote faster human healing and have the same effect on dogs. Dogs can get heat rash, swelling, and pain due to injuries. While dogs heal faster anyways, it is great to use turmeric to help with the process. Dogs get inflammation in various parts of their bodies due to injury or age.

Turmeric comes in handy in such cases due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Vets often put dogs on steroids and heavy medications, making them lazy. Turmeric is a natural alternative that promotes healing without affecting the dog’s energy. It also helps with joint pain in dogs due to old age.

3.    Stabilizing Digestive Systems

Is your dog becoming increasingly sluggish and uncomfortable? Sometimes, dogs can suffer from indigestion, making them feel lazy and low. Changing your dog’s food is the first step you should take if they suffer from frequent digestion issues.

However, turmeric is a great way to regulate your dog’s digestive system and bowel movements. One of the curcumin benefits is the increase in bile production. The delivery of healthy enzymes helps in the digestion of food faster and makes your dog feel less bloated. Over time, your dog will feel comfortable after eating and have a more restful sleep.

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4.    Regulates Liver Health

Most people neglect the crucial aspects of dog health and make them eat in large quantities. Dogs also tend to develop bad cholesterol, affecting their liver and heart health. It is essential to make your dog eat the recommended amount and add turmeric supplements to their food.

Turmeric helps in protecting the blood vessel lining and regulates the circulatory system. It helps replace bad cholesterol with good cholesterol to protect the liver. Turmeric helps in maintaining digestive health, which sorts out major issues.

5.    Relieves Arthritis Pain

Your dog is as prone to diseases as you are; hence, taking care of their health is crucial. Dogs develop arthritis in their older age and experience excruciating pain in their joints. Rather than using conventional medicines to relieve joint pain, it is better to use turmeric.

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing joint stiffness and relieving pain. Researchers found out that curcumin in turmeric works as effectively as ibuprofen. It also helps in eliminating inflammatory bowel disease that most dogs experience. It is a great remedy to help you with most of your health concerns.

How Much Turmeric Should I Give to My Dog Daily?

The daily turmeric dose you should be giving to your dog depends upon its body weight. You should give your dog 15 to 20 milligrams of turmeric for each pound of weight. A tablespoon would be enough for a large dog to gain maximum curcumin benefits.

Sometimes, a large dose of turmeric can cause constipation in dogs; hence, adding a probiotic source is necessary. Turmeric is a hot spice; hence, it can cause heat rash in summer. It can also interfere with other medications your dog could be taking at the time. Getting your dogs a holistic checkup before giving them turmeric would be best.


Turmeric-flavored chew bars are great for your dogs to maintain their health. It is a great remedy for pain, swelling, and heart and liver issues. If your dog is old, it is a great preventative measure to take. However, turmeric may not suit all dogs; hence, get your doctor’s advice before adding it to their diet.

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