Dogs, typically, do not like to be left alone. They enjoy being around their owners, having company and a physical sense of touch and smell. If your dog is prone is stress and anxiety, explore the option of a Comfy Calming Dog Bed.

Dogs can become nervous or restless when you leave them alone for long periods. This is where a calming bed comes into the picture.

Several brands are available in the market claiming to help you manage your dog’s anxiety. According to a forecast report, the pet furniture market will reach $3 billion by 2025, with the dog segment accounting for the majority market share.

But does your dog need a calming bed? Do they work? How do you pick the best calming bed for your dog? The article will attempt to answer these questions and help you make the right choice.

Why Does Your Dog Need a Calming Bed?

A calming bed is not a straightforward solution to your dog’s anxiety and stress, but they sure are a part of the solution. These beds are designed to provide the utmost comfort to your pet. The cushioning, concave structure and the material used are the human equivalents of a warm hug.

When puppies are born, they first develop the senses of smell and touch. They cannot open their eyes in the beginning and usually have weak eyesight in the initial weeks. However, they start nursing almost immediately.

Rest is paramount when it comes to newborn puppies. A puppy will usually pile into a heap with its littermates and become restless when separated from the group, even for a short time. Physical contact is what the puppies associate the most with.

Have you noticed how your dog likes to cuddle or burrow itself in your arms? As your pet grows, these feelings of smell and touch remain with them. For them, it is their safety net, an experience that fills them with a sense of security. Your pet is trying to find its sense of security with you.

Why Should You Choose a Comfy Calming Dog Bed to Soothe Your Pet?

A comfy calming dog bed is designed to replicate the experience of cuddling with their littermates or their human parent—a place where your dog can burrow itself and relax.

You can always cuddle, pet, or hug your dog when they exhibit anxious behavior. If fireworks are an issue, having you around could go a long way in soothing their nerves. But what happens when your pet is alone? You can use a calming bed to create that haven for your pet.

Snuggling into the calming bed brings back the feeling of security they experienced as puppies. Then, they start associating the plush material, cushioning, and warmth with comfort. It can turn into their go-to place when they are distressed.

Stress and fear can have long-lasting effects on your dog’s mental psyche. Understandably you cannot be around your pet 24/7. But you could invest in a calming dog bed to help soothe their nerves and provide a place of comfort.

Things to Consider When Buying a Calming Dog Bed

Calming dog beds are available in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Below are some essential factors you should consider when selecting a bed for your pet.

Deep Pit

Your dog should be able to sink into the middle of the bed comfortably. The bed should be able to replicate the burrowing activity. A circular bed with ridges is a design option you can explore.


Ensure the materials used for the bed are dog-friendly. Synthetic materials have no place being in a dog’s bed. They could end up invoking the exact opposite feeling of comfort. Also, enquire about the cushioning material used as the right bed could help your dog with joint issues.

Look for a bed that is designed from sustainably sourced materials and fabric.

Non-Skid Pad

A comfy dog bed with a non-skid pad ensures the bed will not move around when your pet is restlessly jumping around it.

Machine Washable

Depending on the bed you choose, you can machine wash the covers or the complete bed. Brands usually recommend a gentle wash cycle to maintain the integrity of the materials used.

A calming bed is one popular accessory that can help your pet deal with separation anxiety and stress. The design promotes a sense of warmth and comfort for your pet. Ensure you pick the right size of a comfy calming dog bed to recreate the feeling of security that your dog once experienced with their littermates.

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