While dog’s have plenty of fat and fur to protect them against the Winter elements, they don’t have either of these protective layers on their feet.  Dog paws are very sensitive, especially in cold weather.  The harsh cold and salt that we use to melt the snow can severely impact dog paw health.  That’s why dog owners need to take precautions to protect their dog’s paws during the Winter.  Below are the top ways to make sure your pup’s feet stay protected during the cold months.

Dog Shoes and Boots

Dog shoes and boots can be essential in protecting dogs from harsh weather.  The directly cover your dog’s paws and prevent contact with harsh elements like ice and salt.  In addition, dog shoes and boots can help keep your dog’s paws warmer when they are outside.  This means they’ll likely be more comfortable when you take them for walks in the freezing cold.

When choosing a dog shoe, make sure to take account for sizes.  Dog’s come in lots of different sizes and so do their shoes!  In addition, make sure you pick a durable material and pick one that isn’t too hard to put on.

Dog Paw Balms

Despite our best efforts to keep shoes on our dogs when they need it, sometimes their paws dry out from the dry Winter weather.  This can cause a whole host of issues from cracking to bleeding.  Your dog could end up being in pain just because they have dry paws.  Keeping a reliable dog paw balm on hand during the Winter can be a game changer for dogs.  If you’re looking for a great dog paw balm, check out this list.

Keeping Your Dog Happy and Healthy

Paw care is an essential part of dog ownership and owners should take careful steps to keep their dog’s paws warm and hydrated.  As always, remember the golden rule – treat your dog’s as you would yourself!

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