Whether you’ve decided to take the plunge and get yourself a furry companion or a stray cat has found its way to you, you’ll find that there are certain essentials that will make cat ownership a little easier. Here is our list of the top five items you’ll need when welcoming a new feline family member into your home

A Cat Carrier

When it comes to transporting your cat, a cat carrier is imperative. Top-loading carriers are very convenient and will save you from having to coax your kitty in through a door. However, if you’ve already got a traditional carrier a simple solution is to turn the box around so the door faces the ceiling and simply pop your kitty in through the top. 

A Litter Box

Talking about bowel movements is never nice, but the fact is your new cat will need a place to do its business. You can choose between a traditional litter tray from the pet store, or buy a large tub and cut an entryway into it for the cat. Regardless of which option you go for, a litter box should be 1.5 times longer than the size of your cat to allow them enough room to turn around.  A cat door is another way to give your feline friend the freedom and privacy to go when they please.

Nutritious Food

Deciding what to feed your cat isn’t always the easiest decision. Much of this choice will be determined by the kitty’s age, breed, size and special needs. There are also canned, dry, and raw cat food options which vary in price. A good idea would be to speak to your vet about the cat’s needs, or simply try a reputable option such as Earthborn Holistic cat food

Food and Water Bowls

Next up, your feline friend is going to need a pair of durable bowls to hold their food and water. Your local pet shop is likely to stock a solid range of water and food bowls. Go for something that is easy to clean too. You can also explore the option of a water fountain bowl which mimics flowing water from a stream or river – some cats prefer this option as it seems more natural. 


As well as covering your cats basic needs, you’ll also need to provide them with some mental stimulation. A cat tree is a great option as it provides a safe vantage point for them to survey their surroundings. Cat scratchers are also a popular choice as it allows them to scratch and stretch to their hearts desire. Other toys you could play around with include balls, teasers, catnip toys, or even general household items such as string or an old box.

Having a cat will provide you with endless joy and a loyal companion for life. However, pet ownership isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly, and there should be a certain degree of preparation involved. Use this list as a starting point to get your cat parenting off on the right foot. Enjoy the journey with your new feline friend. 

Image Source: BigStockPhoto.com (Licensed)


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