There are many benefits of taking care of fish. Taking care of fish or having pets can have positive effects on your mental and physical health. Different kinds of fish require extra care. Choosing the best fish to keep also depends on the tools and experience you have.  

But, if you’re new to caring for fish, it would be helpful to know some of the best fish species you can keep in your aquarium. These are low maintenance and are recommended for beginners:  

  •  Goldfish  

There are different species of goldfish you can choose to care for in your aquarium. For beginners, it’s best to choose long-body goldfish species like Sarasa or comet varieties. Comet goldfish can come in a variety of colors like white, orange, black, or gold. They can grow up to 14 inches.   

 It’s important to remember that goldfish need large spaces to swim around. One goldfish needs about 20 gallons of water to survive, and as it gets bigger, it would require larger tanks or areas.   

Goldfish produce more waste compared with other fish. So, when caring for goldfish, you need to have an established filter system with a pump to flush out waste efficiently. You can go to sites like to learn more about these systems.   

  • Guppies 

Guppies are not hard to look after. Like other freshwater fish, they need their water filtered continuously, and the aquarium should have filtration systems included as part of the water pump and circulation system. You also need to know that there are diseases that you may come across, like white spot disease and fungus disease. You can ask around at pet shops for some more information about these so that you know what to do when these things happen to your guppies. 

Some hobbyists recommend that if you’re not interested in breeding your fish, you may only include some of the most popular and beautiful live fancy guppies in your aquarium. 

Male guppies tend to be less aggressive than females, but they can still display some aggression toward other fish that enters their space. When choosing which male to keep in your aquarium, remember that male guppies will usually fight to the death if they feel that another male threatens their territory. 

  • Cherry Barb 

Cherry barbs are one of the easiest fish to care for in a freshwater tank. Unlike Tiger barbs, these can tolerate significant water environment changes and are also very friendly. They only grow about two inches long.  

Cherry barbs have eye-catching colors, so it’s a great choice if you want to add stunning colors to your aquarium. They are also very active, so you would enjoy watching them swim around the aquarium.  

To help Cherry barbs settle in the fish tank, it’s recommended to add live aquarium plants so that they can hide whenever they feel stressed. It’s also beneficial to keep them in schools so that they can adjust to the environment quickly. It’s recommended to have them in groups of six or more when settling in an aquarium.  

  • Zebrafish 

The zebrafish is another low maintenance freshwater fish you can place in your aquarium. Like zebras, this fish has distinctive horizontal stripes along with its small body. Like Cherry barbs, the zebrafish is more comfortable in groups.  

The zebrafish doesn’t like warm temperatures, so don’t use water heaters. They like water environments that are around room temperatures of about 21 degrees Celsius. Their colors can be emphasized under a blue LED light. So, if you want to enjoy their appearance, ensure you have LED lights in your aquarium.  

Final Thoughts 

These kinds of fishes are best for those who still don’t have enough experience to care for rare fish species. These are also perfect for those who want to spend time with their fish and see color in their fish tanks.  

Once you have all of your fish species decided on, you can then prepare your tank. It would be best if you also start with a suitably sized base so that the fish are comfortable swimming. Once you have your tank set up, you should choose the fish and decorations you like best.  

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