Has it ever crossed your mind if numbers have anything to do with our everyday life? Is there ever a study that exists about the said relationship? Numerology gives a scientific explanation of how numbers affect our day-to-day lives. Numerology, often considered as a universal language of numbers, argues that the universe can be broken down into basic elements.

These basic elements are actually numbers that can help us understand the world around us better and allow us to make sense of our lives. Although some may consider it coincidence or just luck, here are some interesting facts about numerology you should know that will prove otherwise.

What is numerology?

Numerology has a way of helping us explore what we are here for to achieve in this lifetime. Numerology’s theory is about us being born into a unique set of circumstances that are tailor-made. It allows us to learn what we need to learn in order to complete the unique piece of the puzzle that is our life.

There is no such thing as coincidence in numerology and that every person has a reason being in our world and there is a reason for every incident and significant date. Numerology can also be a way and an opportunity for us to take a look back at our life and view it in a completely different way to understand what is really going on. Viewing things in a different way will allow us to see that what was once holding us back can be a great treasure instead.

Numerology as the science of numbers

Numerology is considered as the science of numbers , and they are also known as connected to different aspects of your life. The numbers are ranging from 1 to . and 11 to 22 are called the “master numbers”. These numbers correspond to the positive and negative traits about your character. Each number represents an archetype you portray. This archetype is universal. It could be a character, symbol or a theme.

History of Numerology

The first recognized system of Numerology was discovered by Pythagoras from Ancient Greece, although Numerology is also related to the ancient civilizations of India, China and Judaism. Pythagoras was known as an esoteric mathematician, and a mystic. He has a strong belief that numbers are symbolic and they have hidden meaning related to a person’s psyche. He studied with the Ancient Gurus of India and Jewish mystics. When he went to the East, he was able to gain knowledge and insights about Numerology. He believed that numbers have an influence on someone’s life, and everything is represented by a cycle. Today, the Pythagorean system is used and it incorporates our alphabet along with Western philosophy, physics and astronomy.

Calculating your life path number

Numerology is about providing guidance that is similar to Astrology since it creates a blueprint of your life, fate and destiny. Numerology gives you an understanding of the world around you using the influence of numbers. It analyzes your strengths and weaknesses. It also gives you insight into your core personality traits, who you are as a person, and who you will become.

By being able to find your life path number, you will be able to see significant career, relationship and life events. Being able to know your life path number allows you to see your life’s areas that may need for you to work out or to make certain changes that you might have been avoiding. This may also allow you to be more perceptive about choosing your next move on your career or relationships. It’s a kind of methodology that makes you aware about your authentic self and direction.

This life path number represents your mission in this lifetime and speaks about things that you should do, achieve and create. This is calculated from the sum total of birth date. The digits of your birth date are added to the month of your birth and when added together represents your first goal. On the other hand, your year of birth added together represents your inner work to be done. Finally, when you add your first goal and your inner work, it calculates your life path number.

What do these numbers mean?

These numbers represent an energy related to your birth date. The life path number uncovers divine information about your life. It has symbols and gives you directions about your decision making, choices and individual patterns. This life path number will give you clarity in your life.

Using numerology, you are going to see layers of yourself and identify whether you are living the life of your dreams, or you can also be directed towards that way. It can definitely transform your life.

Changing your birth name will not change its effect on you

When you decide to change your name, you can use your new name to calculate your numerological numbers, but from a second chart with that new name. However, your old name has a great effect on your personality. No matter what your old number’s description of you, if it has positive or negative features, you will still get to live with them even after you change your name.

Numerology is definitely fun and interesting, add to that its history and a very enticing read. However, it is quite complicated. The same number can have a lot of interpretations and it depends on the numerological system that is used to assess your personality. It is quite random that most of the assumptions made through numerology are not necessarily backed by anything.

There is really a lot to know about numerology. It is highly advisable to be critical when it comes to assessing the facts and theories about it. There are a lot of insights that numerology can provide into one’s personality and it really will not hurt exploring about it.

Do not be afraid in calculating your life path number and see what you can do about your life decisions with the help of numerology. Do not forget to enjoy it as you go along the process as well.

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