The point of life is to avoid death as much as possible. There’s no point in life. Life is pointless and it just happens and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Life has a lot of different purposes or meanings, all subjective to the individual person experiencing it.

To live is to experience the world from the limited perspective that you have. It is in this that a reason for life can be found. To live happily and with self fulfilment, avoiding pain as much as possible.

In nature, animals struggle to survive against all odds: disease, predators, weather conditions. Humans have evolved beyond that level of thinking; we form relationships where none exist, we seek out comfort instead of fight for survival. We enjoy the journey, not just the destination. Life is a roller coaster of emotions and experiences – it’s when we look back that we can see what is worth living for, rather than during.

How do we know that our lives are pointless?

It’s all relative. Humans have evolved to become the dominant species on land, because we adapt and learn from our mistakes. Although that makes us seem like we are ‘destined’ to achieve a goal, it’s not that simple. We can’t know what life is without living it, so there isn’t really any point in debating what it could be.

The only life there is to live, is the one that’s being lived right now. There isn’t some better place to be or better way of existing; this is as good as it gets. To know that our lives are pointless would mean that we have experienced everything that there is to experience, and if each life is unique, that is impossible.

What are the benefits of living a pointless life?

To live with no meaning or purpose isn’t necessarily bad; we adapt to our environments and learn what we need to survive. There’s no real reason to live other than self-satisfaction: happiness and fulfilment come from within. If this is achieved, there is no real need to be part of a greater cause or to seek out validation from others.

Life doesn’t have any meaning in and of itself; it’s what we make of it. There are benefits to taking pleasure in life instead of seeking purpose: mainly that happiness can be found even when the external factors that contribute to it may be lacking. Happiness doesn’t always mean the opposite of suffering, and living a pointless life can help people to realize that.

It’s difficult to enjoy life when you are constantly searching for meaning or purpose: it can make everything seem trivial and unimportant. There is definitely value in learning from mistakes and trying new things.

What to do next when you think your life is pointless?

Actively challenge your perspective. Is living a pointless life really what you think it is? What are the benefits of this? Can you take pleasure in things that don’t have any meaning to anyone else but yourself?

Think about times when you’ve felt genuinely happy, fulfilled or satisfied. A life is pointless without meaning can be just as fulfilling as one with purpose, and it’s important to recognize this.

Take one day at a time; don’t over-think life or try to predict the future. The only life you have is today: enjoy it!

You are in control of your own life, so act accordingly and decide what works best for you. If you feel that your life has no purpose, then that may be a good thing: it means that you have the freedom to choose what direction your life will take.

Life doesn’t need to mean anything in and of itself; it’s up to you to give it meaning. That way of thinking can help people find fulfilment. Being happy is more important than feeling fulfilled.

  1. The struggle to survive in nature is a thing of the past; humans have evolved beyond this level of thinking, and forming relationships where none exist as well as seeking comfort instead of struggle allows for greater pleasure in life.
  2. What our lives are depends on perspective; there isn’t any real meaning to life, because each person’s meaning is different.
  3. There isn’t any more truth to a life that has purpose than one that doesn’t; it’s all relative and up to the individual to decide for themselves what makes their lives worthwhile, and it can be as easy as enjoying the things in life that bring happiness because they make you happy.

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