Green cards are permanent resident cards that are required to start living in the United States. Certain ways can be used to apply for a green card. One thing that you should keep in mind before applying is that you should be eligible for green card registration. There are specific criteria made up by the United States of America to get eligible for green card registration.

Applying for a Green Card in the United States of America means that a person wants to achieve immigrant status. People not having a Green Card have to live with a non-immigrant status.

There are certain countries like Canada, Mexico, and Singapore, etc which can be visited by a green card holder without even having a visa. People also confuse green cards and visas. We will discuss visa vs. green card in detail. Step by step procedure of getting a Green Card is described below. Have a careful look and understand the whole procedure of applying for a Green Card.

Consider the Eligibility First

The United States of America has certain strict policies regarding getting eligible for having a Green Card. the most important criteria are:

  • One of your family members or spouses must be a permanent resident of the United State of America.
  • You should have a job offer from an employer who is a resident of the US.
  • You should have an investment in any of the ultimate Sectors of the United State.
  • You can also be eligible if you come under a special immigrant category of the United States.

Hiring a Lawyer

Getting a Green Card is a lengthy procedure. Immigration law is very complicated and it needs a lot of paperwork. You should consider hiring a lawyer to help you out in these matters. It can save a lot of your time and Money. By hiring a lawyer there will be no confusion and frustration in the lengthy process of the paperwork. Professional services are always required in such matters.

Filing a Visa Petition 

Your family member who is a Permanent resident of the US or your US based employer should file a visa petition for you. This will provide information that you are a family member of the resident or an employer of a businessman of the United States of America.

It can take a lot of time for the authorities to approve your visa petition. You must wait patiently for all the legal documentation to be completed and approved.

Perfect Time for Applying 

Sometimes there are limited numbers of green cards or visas which are provided to Limited people. You should have the opportunity of getting a Green Card before applying. If most of the people have applied before you, you should wait for your turn.

Always keep in mind not to rush things up. Instead of getting your application declined, it is better to wait for the perfect time.

Application Forms 

You also have to fill out certain applications. There is also specific documentation that should be completed by you. You have to submit these applications and documents at the embassy of the United States in your home country. There is the US Consulate in every country which helps in getting a Green Card and immigration processes.

Medical Tests

Certain Medical and physical tests should be cleared before getting eligible for and Residency in the United States of America. The US has very strict policies regarding the medical conditions of citizens. You should not have diseases that can be transmitted and you should be physically well.


The final step of the green card procedure is to appear for an interview with the US consulate in your country. They will review your application and ask you questions that should be answered sensibly. After the interview, you have to wait for the paperwork to get complete.

Visa vs. Green Card: Things You Need to Know

When it comes to difference between a visa and a Green Card, you need to understand their meanings. Visa can be temporary pass that lets you stay in USA for a specific time. On the other hand, green cards are permanent resident cards that let you stay in the US for as long as you want.


The United States of America provides green cards to foreigners who are eligible according to the criteria. The specific procedure of applying for a Green Card is given above. Hopefully, it will be helpful. There is also a lot of confusion between visa vs. green card.

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