Riding a bicycle around the city can be a treacherous yet fulfilling experience besides its advantage to overall health and fitness. The trouble with cycling is that riders usually get injured in collisions with cars and trucks. Many times, riding even on a specially assigned bicycle route along a local roadway can be dangerous. Considering the fact that collisions between cars and bicycles occur mostly at intersections, the riskiest places to ride are the city streets.

The road is made for all kinds of vehicles, so people plying the road with bicycles have the same rights as those using other vehicles, however, those rights are often disrespected by vehicle drivers, especially truck drivers.

When Should Bicycle Accident Settlements Be Issued?

There are compensations that bicycle accident victims are entitled to. For victims to be eligible for this conversation, the bicyclist is required to prove the fault of the driver who caused the hit or, at least, make partial proof of his fault. The vehicle driver can only be said to be at fault if and only if the accident was a result of his negligence even if he wasn’t the primary cause or his intention. This negligence occurs when drivers drive carelessly or flaunt traffic rules.

As we look at the case in favor of the victim, it is also necessary to consider the case the other way round, hence, if a bicyclist gets hit by a car as a result of the cyclist disobedience of traffic rules, such cyclist is at fault and there is most likely not going to be any substantial recovery of compensation whatsoever. However, if you are hit while you were lawfully transiting at intersections, you stand a chance for a hundred percent compensation.

Is It Worth Getting A Lawyer For Bicycle Accident Settlement?

Firstly, proving your innocence in accidents and determining fault is not an easy task. The importance of an accident lawyer cannot be underestimated. There are cases when the situation occurs in such a dicey way. For example, in an intersection with no traffic light installed, the fault of accidents is shared by both parties even though the bicyclist goes home with the bruise and injury. It takes the professional involvement of a proven accident lawyer to vindicate the innocent cyclist. A Honolulu bicycle accident lawyer can help injured cyclists get compensation, or would you rather suffer for nothing or give yourself full chance for full compensation in case the unexpected happens?  Which can actually happen?

How To Receive A Settlement For A Bicycle Accident?

The second important thing after seeking medical attention after a collision with a driver is to ensure that you get the police to prepare an accident report. This is a must. It is expedient that the driver provides you with his or her insurance information, in most cases they wouldn’t but ensure that the police are able to get that information from the driver. It is not necessary that the bicycle cases are taken to the court, in fact, a responsible insurance company of that driver could come in to enhance claims to recover damages.

An insurance adjuster is sent a statement of demand for the pursuance of the claim but the full extent of the injury must be understood and ascertained before the demand is made. This is very important because settlements are final and if settlement is carelessly accepted before realizing for instance; that your injury is permanent; there is, therefore, no review to adjust recoverable since the victim cannot make further demands from the insurance company.

What Is The Responsibility Of A Lawyer In This Case?

The need for a good lawyer is important if victims want to receive the right and complete compensation for their injuries. Part of the responsibilities of the lawyer is he will use his knowledge and experience to make sound preparation and negotiate your injury claim for deserved compensation. He will also prove your entitlement, help you to stay healthy by ensuring you attend your medical appointment and take your treatment procedure judiciously. Besides its importance for your wellbeing, these records will make your claim pursuance an easy task to do.

A lot of cyclists today have been handicapped by accidents perpetrated by other drivers’ negligence. Unfortunately, just a few of them get compensated. It is very important to be aware of your rights and know what to do in such cases. This post was created for that cause and I hope you make good use of it.

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