Over 67 million Americans speak another language than English at their homes. It’s easy to learn a language if you are inspired by this. You no longer have to attend school to learn French, Farsi, or Arabic or avail the services of professional translation services.  Instead you can access an app to choose from dozens of languages.

The best language learning apps are suited to your learning style. Some people prefer reading, while others prefer listening. Some people enjoy drills and games. For some, it’s more important to speak a language than read it.

There’s an app for everything, no matter your interests. These language apps can be subscribed to so that you don’t have to pay for as much as you need. You can also re-subscribe as often as you need to refresh your knowledge before you travel abroad. 

You don’t have to subscribe to all these apps at the full price. You can find discounts on language learning apps frequently, or just wait for one to appear. Below are some active deals.

We have compiled a list of apps to learn a language.

The Best Language Learning App Overall

  • Babbel

With so many online courses available and mobile apps, we are living in an era of language learning that is unparalleled. But Babbel is still the best option for most people. You can easily understand the lessons and interact with quiz-like elements to keep you engaged. 

You have a limited selection of languages available to you-13 all in all. If you don’t wish to pay for a subscription, it costs $8 per month if paid month-to-month or $3 per year for an annual subscription.

Babbel does not offer generic lessons that cover the same vocabulary or phrases in every language. Instead, each lesson is tailored to the culture, language, and country of the individual. So if you are planning to learn Farsi, you can get the same service that Professional Farsi Translation Services would offer. You can also access live lessons from real instructors via a paid subscription.

  • Best Language App for Learning From Real Native Speakers


  • Memrise





Memrise isn’t limited to flashcards, click to hear phrases, and quizzes to help you master real-world situations. Memrise lessons take you into real-world scenarios with native speakers through its “Learn with Locals” feature.

This allows you to understand sentences, words, and phrases spoken by native speakers, not those with flat accents. You can also be evaluated for your speaking abilities using the Pronunciation mode.

You have 23 languages to choose. The monthly cost for either a premium or free plan is $9 (or $7.50) per month for an annual plan. Memrise can be used online or via the mobile app on your smartphone. And the good thing about this application is that it has professional translators working for it.

Hence, all the translations that you will receive will be credible. Learning languages like Arabic will be easy for you considering professional Arabic translation services have worked upon these applications. 

Best Free Language Learning App

  • Duolingo

Duolingo is a language app that can handle language needs beyond what most apps support. The app offers 37 options, some of which are quite unusual. Polish doesn’t sound exciting enough? 

Then try Esperanto or Navajo ( HIja’, teH). You can also enroll in as many languages as you wish. Each language has lessons, which you can skip if the material is already familiar. There’s also a game mechanic that encourages students to return to older content for reinforcement and practice.

The wealth of content isn’t Duolingo’s best feature. It’s also completely free. This is surprising considering the amount of language and polish of the lessons. The website and mobile apps can be accessed for free. However, you can pay $7 per month to have the ads removed.

Best Language App for Learning Accurate Pronunciation

  • Mondly

Mondly uses a unique approach to language learning. The app’s lessons are based on phrases and not individual words. This gives you the tools to have conversations quickly. 

If correct pronunciation is important to you, the app offers two benefits: you can hear native speakers and practice real conversations with AI chatbots that use speech recognition to coach and assess your speech.

Mondly is a great tool for those who don’t speak English as their first language. Many language apps only allow you to learn languages in English, with a few other options. Mondly lets you learn any language from the 33 languages available in the app catalogue. This can be quite empowering.

To receive more than just a few lessons, you will need to sign up to Mondly’s subscription. Pricing starts at $10 per month, or $48, for a one-year subscription.

Thank You word cloud in different languages, concept background

Best Language Learning App for Mastering Real-Life Conversations

  • Speak up

Are you looking for the ability to communicate in just a few months? Speakly is a better alternative to immersion training and a crash course. The app will teach you the 4,000 most relevant words in statistical terms for common conversations in your target language. This is true regardless of whether you are using French or German. Once you have practiced enough words, Speakly will challenge you to speak with a native speaker and coach you on how you do.

There aren’t many languages available. English speakers can choose between eight languages. Speakly is a European company so billing starts at $13 per month. For $70, you can get the entire language suite at a substantial discount. This deal was previously $399.


Applications have changed the game for learning new languages. All you need to do is subscribe to an affordable application and try to learn a new language of your choice and at your own pace. 

Moreover, you can also take assistance from any translation services company if you are not satisfied with any of the applications mentioned above.  

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