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If you’re worried about creating unnecessary waste from an old pallet delivery, try upcycling them! Upcycling is becoming an increasingly popular way to repurpose old materials. Pallets are ideal because they can be used for a variety of DIY projects. We’ve compiled a list of 5 unusual uses for old pallets for your home and garden. You’re guaranteed to love at least one!

1. Bike rack

Does your family have multiple bikes and nowhere to put them? Transforming your old pallets into a bike rack is a great way to prevent clutter and mess collecting outside your house. Make it unique with paint and decorations to make it one of a kind.

Disassemble your pallet and attach the two halves to each other at a 90-degree angle while leaving gaps big enough for a bike tire. Adjust the pallets height and width for your bikes that way it’s a perfect fit! You can tailor it to your family with paint and decor. Now you can park your bike outside with ease.

2. Clock

Decorate any room in your house with a clock made from old wood. A great way to use your old pallet is to create small unique pieces to decorate your house with. Brighten it up by choosing from plenty of clock hands and numbers which are available at your local home project store or online and build the perfect new addition for your home.

It’s easy to create by cutting your pallet and some old plywood into a circular shape and nailing them together. Then get to decorating it! This clock is going to be a charming addition to any home.

Here’s how:

  • Disassemble the pallet
  • Cut the pallet and some plywood into a circular shape
  • Nail them together
  • Add clock hands and numbers

3. Towel Rack

A towel rack is a great way to decorate your bathroom. Bathrooms can be hard rooms to decorate, as they don’t typically have much personality. A wooden towel rack matches many different bathroom designs and can add a certain charm to your room. This piece of furniture is a great accessory to add.

Cut a piece of wood taken from your pallet and size to your desired measurements before reinforcing it with another plank of wood. Sand it down, attach a hook and decorate with your chosen paint colour. You’re done!

 4. Utensil box

This is great for use in the kitchen. Sand down the wood and use your ideal stain to achieve just the right look for your home. You can keep all of your utensils in one place to easily reach them. As a result, cooking will be that much easier, and your kitchen will look beautiful too.


  • Cut five pieces of pallet wood to your desired sizes
  • Sand them down to achieve a finished look
  • Screw the pieces together to create a box
  • Decorate!

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5. Wine rack

Give your home a rustic look by organising your wine into a perfectly crafted wine rack. You can display your wine easily while showing off your different bottles. It’s great if you have a large wine collection that you can’t wait to show off. This will keep your wine organised and on display while creating a unique use for your old pallet.

Simply attach your wood panels and cut gaps in them for the bottles. You can either style it to hold the wine standing up or laying down. Either one is guaranteed to show off your beautiful collection. Then, sand it down, assemble it, and you’re done.

Pallets are a brilliant material for a variety of interesting DIY crafts and projects. These unusual pallet projects are just a few examples of ways you can reuse old materials to liven up your home.

Try out one of these for yourself!

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