Social networks are very popular nowadays so it’s not surprising that those who have many followers are real online celebrities. For them, photographing and modeling has become a job that makes good money. Fortunately, absolutely everyone can become popular on the Internet if you make interesting content. Here are some tips for women of any age on how to take cool photos to become popular on Instagram and other similar platforms.


Decide on the topic of your blog


If you decide to develop your profiles on social networks, take a responsible approach to choose the style and theme of your photos. Perhaps you already have a small blog where you share recipes or talk about fashion trends and have the audience that likes you. In that case, it can be dangerous to completely change direction as you can lose existing fans. Think about how you can make your photos even more interesting and attractive.


If you are new or have a neutral blog without a specific topic, think about what you like. It’s also worth relying on your capabilities. For example, if you cannot travel regularly, you should not choose the direction of travel blogging. Start with something simpler than that and expand the theme of your page over time or even create a new account.


Popular blog directions


Also, when deciding on the theme of the page, it’s important to focus on what is popular. Browse the accounts you know and evaluate which content is more in demand. Many girls and boys often just keep an account by displaying photos of their lives. It’s very simple, but you must be open to your audience and always keep in touch.


Alternatively, you can choose a narrower direction and show only part of your life. For example, if you are fond of sport and healthy eating, you can tell and show people how to lead such a lifestyle. Thus, you get a narrow target audience that attracts advertisers and gives the prospect for the development of additional business in this area. You can also devote a blog to makeup, cooking, swimwear, tourism, etc.


Instagram and similar galleries are also good for photographers who can share their work there. At the same time, it’s not even necessary to have a professional camera, because modern phones offer excellent optics for photographing. Capture your life or organize special photo shoots with models and upload them to your account. Professional photographers can also get clients using a page on social networks as a portfolio.


Who can become a popular blogger?


If you feel that you are an interesting person and can offer people unique photos, you should definitely try yourself as a blogger. Your appearance is not important especially if you want to show yourself, your opinion and lifestyle. However, if you want to become a model or a sports guru, you must have an appropriate body.


The best thing about photo galleries like Instagram is that you can look the way you want. Your age doesn’t matter as even if you have gray hair, they can be easily removed using the image edit app. If you are concerned about this issue, check out Such services will also help you to diversify your photos because you can also change colors, add filters, etc.


Which photos get a lot of likes?


It may seem to many that it’s impossible to predict which photo people will like, but this is not so. Real bloggers know the secrets of successful posts and don’t mind sharing them. The main rule is to do sincere content where you show non-staged emotions. Smile more in the photo and avoid standard poses. If you have a soul mate, suggest organizing a joint photo shoot or just capture a romantic moment.


Also, people love interesting and unusual shots. Choose unusual clothes and try non-standard poses. Make up a story for the photo, even if you are taking a picture of a regular breakfast. If you are a photographer, look for unusual angles and surprise your audience with unusual ideas. It’s better to post something provocative than boring. Over time, you will understand what your followers expect from you and will make top-notch photos more often.




Social networks and popularity are not something secret and difficult to access. If you are a creative person, have a sense of style or are not afraid to share your opinion, you will certainly succeed. You can tell a lot with the help of photography and people will love you for it. However, doing decent content is not an easy trade, so you should take it seriously. Start and follow the rules above. Through time, you will begin to intuitively feel good posts that will affect the number of your subscribers.

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