We are aware of the fact that bronze is quite popular for being durable and reliable. Its ability to withstand extreme conditions and resist any chances of malfunction makes it a valuable piece to invest in. However, with time, everything is bound to depreciate.

A bronze statue might last for hundreds of years, but after a certain period, it would start deteriorating as well. So, how do we determine the lifespan of a bronze statue? Several factors contribute to this, which have been discussed down below.

Bronze Disease

The bronze disease is the most prevalent cause of your bronze sculpture losing its value. This is similar to corrosion, but the reactants and constituents are different in this case. The main area of concern is your bronze statue being exposed to humidity. If it rains and humidity makes its way toward the statue, the sculpture will be in contact with the water vapors.

This is one of the reactants. The second reactant is any chloride of copper. If these reactants are successful in meeting the outer surface of your statue, you will notice a green coating on the item, which is considered to be mold or corrosion. Due to this, your bronze statue would not last for long.

Mixing Foreign Agents to the Composition

In some cases, just to reduce the cost of manufacturing a bronze statue, artists tend to add foreign agents to its chemical composition, such as brass or iron. This is done mainly to deceive innocent buyers by telling them that the statue is made of original bronze.

These metals are not as durable as bronze, due to which the statue starts losing its value as a result of depreciation. If the composition of the statue only constitutes bronze and its integrity is not compromised, then it would last longer.

Cold Casting

This is something that has recently been introduced in the market. Sellers tend to use it because it helps in making sculptures at a faster pace and is also used to reduce the cost of manufacturing them. Cold casting allows you to make your bronze sculpture more durable. If that is the case, it would also last longer than normal bronze statues.

Maintenance of Bronze Sculptures

There is no doubt in the fact that bronze sculptures are easy to maintain. However, this does not mean that you show negligence towards them. Cleaning your bronze sculptures is extremely important. Certain tools are used for it, and if you do it all correctly, your bronze sculpture will last longer.

If you are using any polish on the surface of your sculpture, you will soon see random scratches on it. You need to keep the statues away from any type of chemical. If you are using a scented soap for your bronze sculptures, it will ruin the art’s delicacy.

Once you are done cleaning it, you need to cover it with a layer of wax. The type of wax you use to protect your statue also determines how long the statue is going to last.

Final Thoughts!!

So, you need to look into these factors if you want to figure out how long the statue is going to last. Everything that is taken care of lasts for a long period. Do not shy away from purchasing these sculptures because any other metal would require a lot more maintenance than this.

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