It`s hard to choose your only one favorite painter when you have to write an essay about him or her. That`s why we are here to help.

How to Write an Essay About Your Favorite Painter?

You can`t consider yourself to be an intelligent, well-educated person if you don`t have a favorite painter. We`re just kidding, of course. Even without that you still can!

Education can`t determine the love towards art that can grow like a huge beautiful flower in your soul.

Have you ever looked at the famous paintings and thought: “Wow, how is that even humanly possible?” I do that all the time, and it happens not only when I`m at the art gallery. Even when I see a friend of mine drawing some doodle, I can gaze at that picture in awe and think that it`s the biggest masterpiece.

Are you one of those adults who draw like toddlers? Welcome to the club!

Famous talented painters are the greatest treasure of the world of art. When you look at an actual painting (I mean, not a photo of it on the Internet), you can feel that massive flaw of emotions that are trying to sink you. You feel like you`re amazed, mesmerized, and haunted all at the same time. You may have had a similar feeling when you admired the world’s writers and wanted to be an essay writer yourself, but let’s get back to painters.

You know they say “Mona Lisa” is always staring at you no matter the angle from which you`re looking at the portrait. First of all, thanks, Leonardo da Vinci, but that`s just terrifying. Second of all, it`s absolutely amazing when a painting leaves such a powerful artistic impression on you.

But that`s just pure philosophy. Here we are going to talk about your home assignment.

So, you need to write an essay. Do you really want to do it? Okay, I admit this is not a very smart question because every student on this planet won`t miss out on the opportunity to avoid doing college assignment.

Here`s a suggestion from us. The guys from will be thrilled to help you out if you ask them. Or you can hang out with us for a little while and find out the tricks of writing an essay about your favorite painter.

The Big Choice

Please don`t tell that you don`t have a favorite painter. It`s art, it`s aesthetical, therapeutic, and I`m pretty sure it`s magical. Because, again, I don`t know how they create masterpieces without using any kind of magic.

So, firstly, choose a hero of your essay. I`m sure that you`ve heard such names as Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, Salvador Dali, or Vincent van Goth, just to name a few. They were true painting powerhouses and earned a reputation of massively talented artists.

Also, there are many old-school painters that we`ll meet if we go back in time. How about the 14th or 15th centuries?

Choosing the most prominent one isn`t obligatory. But remember that the more acknowledged the artist is, the more information you`ll find on him or her. Unfortunately, there are not so many women represented, but you can choose this problem as a basis of an essay.

Background info and biography of a certain painter should be included in the first paragraph of the main body. There is no reason to rant about painter`s childhood and sources of inspiration in more than 4-5 sentences. It`s not the main point of your work. Besides, that bio information can be found on any website, so it won`t impress your professor much.

The Reason for Your Emotional Attachment

Great paintings always make us feel certain wonderful emotions. It`s like a storm that goes up from the bottom of our heart. In order to make your essay more vivid and complete, tell about your feelings.

When you talk about your personal experiences, it immediately evokes people`s empathy and makes you more likable and appealing. This is a brilliant trick for your work. Provide a detailed description of a few works of the painter you choose. Show that you know exactly what you`re talking about.

It`s a good idea to tell the story when you first found out about this author`s paintings. When you pour the emotions that you experience while looking at those works out onto a piece of paper, the whole essay seems holistic and sincere.

You may express your opinion on biopics or books which were based on the art that you`ve been gushing about during the whole process of writing. “Loving, Vincent”, for example, is an animated movie which was created by including thousands and thousands of paintings drawn in the van Goth`s style.

What is more, many musicians have dedicated songs to painters. David Bowie was serenading Andy Warhol in one of his epic songs.

How can you end an essay? A painter`s quote about art and life will fit in just perfectly.


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