In news that will make you go :'(, artist Leandro Granato uses his tear ducts to paint. Basically while we’re over here doing this :'(, he’s over there doing this :’)”””””””” to a canvas. How does he do it? More importantly, why? You’re right, one thing at a time: Leandro snorts the paint through his nose. Then, he squirts it out of his eye holes. He claims he has an ‘eye for art’. Good one. I get it, but that doesn’t mean I like it. I also don’t like that smirk he’s pulling in the last pic. Why so smug, sir? Being able to squirt shit out of your eyes is nothing more than a party trick. A party trick that no one wants to see (haha, eyeball joke!), but a party trick nonetheless.

UPDATE: Oh god no — there’s a video. View at your own risk!



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