Hands down, wall art is the fastest, easiest, most versatile and economical way to transform any indoor environment.  A stunning 6’ panorama on stretched canvas can be had for less than $500.  You’ll be lucky to even get a painter to show up for anything less than five times that amount.

Why Consider Office Wall Décor for Commercial Spaces?

While the importance of wall art might not be as obvious as selecting the right office chair, it’s a critical component of any commercial environment.  Wall art plays a significant role in defining an indoor environment.  Strategically managing your work environment can help reduce stress, increase motivation, inspire creativity, spark excitement, build trust and inspire a myriad of other emotional responses.

Today’s modern office has evolved from the stuffy, stodgy décor and utilitarian looks of years gone by. Gallery or photo walls in the boardroom, executive office suite, lobby or other common space will dramatically improve the ambiance and style.

Boring offices and cubicles are increasingly being replaced by comfortable, home-like environments that stimulate employees’ spirits. Office wall artwork can easily turn a drab and depressing space into a bright, vibrant, high energy place to work! Beach office décor, for example, has been shown to improve productivity by reducing employees’ feelings of being cooped up and longing to be outdoors. Abstract or contemporary office art can help to foster creative discussion and stimulate problem-solving or brainstorming sessions.

Tastefully chosen office art prints can turn your commercial space into a haven that’s trendy enough for both clients and employees.

Current Trends in Wall Art for Commercial Spaces 

The right kind of office wall décor adds visual interest, motivates people, and sparks creativity. Office wall art helps you communicate your brand while connecting with clients.

A few trends for redesigning your commercial space with office art prints that will empower and inspire the occupants to include;

Telling Your Brand Story with Wall Art for Commercial Space

Every business idea has a story to tell, and this design concept capitalizes on your commercial establishment’s development or history. Custom made office art prints are easily available for your lobby, meeting rooms, or other designated areas.

Conveying Core Values of Your Company with Art for Office Decor

Office interior design that uses art to communicate your business mission, social initiatives, ideas, or mission statement can help to remind employees and customers of your business’s intentions or aspirations.

Themed artwork such as skyline art, farmhouse prints, macro photography prints, sports art or botanical art can help define and reinforce your business persona and values.

Contribute to Patient’s Well-Being with Hospital Office Wall Art 

Carefully chosen art for waiting areas and exam rooms of hospitals and  clinics are an important part of holistic patient care. Depending on the situation, medical office art that is calming – like seascapes, floral macro-photography or bright, bold abstracts to foster optimism or art that builds trust such as architectural art or botanical prints – are an important part of successful facility management.

Whatever you choose, tasteful custom canvas or paper prints will improve patients’ comfort, brighten their mood, and help them deal with stress. Tastefully decorated medical rooms, patient areas, and other public places within hospitals or clinics will help to foster successful relationships with patients, ultimately improving their chances of regaining their health and well-being.

Evoking Positivity with Bright Contemporary Office Décor

When choosing artwork for your commercial space one approach is to use colors that reinforce your branding.  Infusing your space with tasteful office decor that reinforces your brand can help foster brand loyalty.

If you don’t have brand colors to guide your selection you might refer to this handy chart of color and emotion to help guide your selection: http://www.positivehealth.com/article/mind-matters/the-logic-of-emotion

Choosing Canvas Prints or Framed Paper Prints

We talked to the folks at Wall Art Decor, an online art dealer staffed by people with years of commercial art experience and they favored canvas, either gallery-wrapped or framed,  over framed paper prints for most commercial spaces. Gallery wrapped canvas is generally more economical than framed paper prints, especially as you get into the larger sizes often found in commercial spaces.  Stretched canvas prints have a more substantial appearance on the wall than framed paper prints. High quality canvas prints are also easier to keep clean.

Wall Decor Galore can produce canvas prints up to 72 X120 inches.


Wall art prints will make your commercial space into a creative, comfortable, and efficient environment that directly inspires a work attitude of productivity and high performance. Captivate your employees and customers alike with meaningful wall art on canvas, with museum-quality gallery prints for commercial spaces.

Commercial art not only defines the essence of your space but also indicates the character of your enterprise.

Image Source: BigStockPhoto.com (Licensed)


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