Due to the process of globalization, many countries have opened their borders to accept foreigners. This gave a great opportunity to international students. Now they have an amazing possibility to study in colleges and universities in the USA. There are multiple international exchange programs, which are welcomed by the top educational institutions of the USA. We have done a special survey and analyzed the most beneficial institutions for international students.

University of Southern California (USC)

This great university was founded in 1880. Originally, it was sectarian and was related to the church. The oldest private institution of California offers international students amazing possibilities. It has 250 majors and minors to choose. Young people may choose whatever profession they want. Its learning programs are very strong and competent professors support foreigners in the best ways. Thus, they will have no need for any online essay writing service to manage their assignments. They can easily tackle every task on their own.

Remarkable facts:

     USC offers 21 schools and colleges.

     George Lucas donated $175M to improve the school of cinematography.

     The university has released multiple golden, silver and bronze winners of the Olympic Games.

University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)

The history of this university hits back to 1867. Originally, UIUC was an industrial establishment. It belongs to Ivy League and so, offers its students appropriate programs. One of the most distinguished peculiarities of the university is its dedication to science. It has high activity for research of all types and directions. Therefore, all international folks will satisfy their scientific hunger at the fullest.

Remarkable facts:

     It has its own airport.

     It offers 17 schools, colleges, and institutes.

     25 Nobel laureates and 22 Pulitzer Prize winners studied here.

     The university also released several Olympic medalists and outstanding scientists and astronauts.

Purdue University (PU)

PU was established in the year 1869. The university has 10 schools and colleges. Particular attention is given to international exchange. Students are free to choose amongst 200 undergraduate majors. Besides, PU offers over 70 programs for masters and doctoral degrees. It’s also possible to opt for professional degrees in veterinary and pharmacy.

Remarkable facts:

     The institution provides credit for flight training.

     It has its own airport.

     Has released 13 Nobel laureates and 23 astronauts, including famous Neil Armstrong.

New York University (NYU)

NYU was established in the year 1831. It’s referred to as one of the oldest establishments of its kind in world history. It focuses on all kinds of research. It’s a nonprofit institution and offers a wide range of programs for international students. The university is located in six different areas in New York. Besides, it has its institutions in more than a dozen cities in other parts of the globe. There is one great fact every foreigner would like to know. It offers the biggest number of student-exchange programs in the world.

Remarkable facts:

     It has taught 36 Nobel and 16 Pulitzer Prizes laureates.

     Over 30 Academy Awards holders and other outstanding scientists studied here.

Columbia University (CU)

It’s a very old university, and its history reaches 1754. It’s the 5th oldest educational establishment in the USA. One cannot bypass this incredible institution with its powerful programs. One of the most remarkable facts about CU is that it administers the Pulitzer Prize. Of course, it has educated multiple winners of this most prestigious scientific reward all over the planet. Their number goes over one hundred.

It belongs to the Ivy League, and it already tells a lot about its capabilities. The university offers multiple exchange programs for international students. It has campuses in France, China, Argentina and other countries of the world. Currently, CU has about 20 schools and colleges. The first institution in the country, which awarded an M.D. degree

Remarkable facts:

     It has educated 101 Nobel laureates.

     20 billionaires have studied here.

     Three US presidents also studied at CU. These were Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Barack Obama.

University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA)

This university was established in the year 1882. It belongs to a Public Ivy and offers multiple educational programs for international students. In 2014, it hosted 105K applicants. The institution contains multiple divisions of colleges, professional and science schools. Foreign students are free to choose different scientific and professional specialties.

The university has one of the most powerful technological faculties in the USA. Thus, it has helped to create an amazing program called ARPANET. It was the predecessor of the Global Web or the Internet.

Remarkable facts:

     The university has educated 15 Nobel Prize and 3 Turing Award winners.

     Over 200 graduates of UCLA were elected to different scientific organizations, which are famous nationwide.

     It has released multiple Olympic Games winners and medalists.


Of course, there are many other options. Review them and choose the best university for international students.


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