We all express our creativity in our daily lives in different ways that are unique to our individual personalities. We use different mediums of expression. An important medium of expression is through art. One medium that we use to express who we are and what is important to us is the everyday spaces that we use.  

The architecture and interior design we interact with is an important part of our everyday lives that we often don’t think much about. Walls can be a wonderful medium to express our creativity. We can use our walls as a canvas in many different ways. A great way to do this is by creating and displaying wall art from photos.

In this article, we will explore a few interesting and creative ways you can utilize photos from your facebook to make great wall art! 

Why Facebook Photo Prints?

If you ever enter someone’s home or personal space and look around, you will notice how common it is for people to display art that is meaningful to them. The art on a person’s wall usually complements their personality. You can learn a lot about people based on what they decide is worth hanging on their wall. Wall art can be both a bold and subtle statement. 

Each space that we frequently occupy has a unique purpose, look and feel. The walls can be used to display art and add more character to the creativity that the architect put into making a set space look and feel a certain way. 

All human beings are creative beings.  A few of these spaces are more important to us than others. One of the simplest and most effective ways we can express our creativity, make a statement and call a space our own is to use the walls of our spaces as a canvas. These include the homes we live in, the homes of our friends and family, our workplaces, the stores and restaurants we visit.

People use walls to display art to match the interior design and decor of the room and the house. Many use the walls to hang paintings and photos. When we use photos to display on our walls, we generally use the photos that are special and meaningful to us. The walls of our spaces are not the only walls we use to display our favorite photos. Another very important wall in our lives is our Facebook wall. 

Facebook is one of our earliest and most widely used social media platforms. It has been a way for us to find and add old friends and new ones. Many of us use Facebook to share many important memories and what is playing in our minds. Facebook has been a platform for us to upload and display photos from our everyday lives and also our most special moments. For people that have been using Facebook for a long time, it has been a place where we have curated our lives using photos. 

The rise of the age of digital photography coincided with the popular use of social media platforms like Facebook. For many of us sharing our photos is the only place where we have our most important photographs. This makes our Facebook photos an excellent source of images to put on our walls. 

Facebook Prints by CanvasPop

Using CanvasPop you can create beautiful prints using your Facebook photos in a simple and hassle-free process straight from your personal Facebook account. Keeping your convenience in mind we have streamlined the process for you so that you can focus on the creative part of using facebook photos to make great wall art. 

The process is as easy as connecting online, choosing the Facebook photos you want, picking the filter that you think will look great on your wall, and placing your order to print the photos to canvas. In the final step of the process, you get to choose where you want to position the images so that the walls in the rooms start speaking to you and the people that admire your creative work. It really has never been this easy to be creative. 

We have made the process very simple by integrating access to Facebook, the tool to choose the pictures you want to print and the filters all in one window. Just follow the steps and you will have an awesome photo art for your walls in no time! 

Why CanvasPop?

CanvasPop specialized in printing photos on canvases by breathing life into images that would otherwise be lost in the thousands of images stored on your phone or laptop. Some images are worth immortalizing and the best way to do this is to print that photo out on a large-sized canvas.

However, this is trickier than it looks as stretching out an image to print on canvas can easily result in pixelization and image degradation. This can make the image look inferior in quality and not the way you imagined it to look like.

To get a Facebook photo to be perfectly stretched out on different sized canvases you require the help of experts who can work on even low-resolution images and transform them into high-quality works of art that would look truly stunning in your home or office. 

Plenty of customization options and flexibility in sizes, shapes, and materials of canvases available make CanvasPop on the best places to go to for large or small-sized Facebook photo prints.

CanvasPop’s increase in popularity for photo prints of all types is because of their simply outstanding PicturePerfect Technology. This helps in enlarging photos to the required sizes without causing any type of image degradation. Plenty of filter options also help in getting the most clarity and sharpness out of an image even if it is a low-resolution picture.

CanvasPop’s Facebook integration is also highly useful when trying to surprise a friend or loved one with a canvas print of their favorite picture. The interface allows you to pick any Facebook photo that you have been tagged in for editing, enlarging and printing. The process is so simple and easy and is a great gift idea for any occasion.

With CanvasPop the customization options are simply endless. Apart from the image and canvas customization options available customers can also pick and choose the type of frame they would want for newly printed Facebook Photo Wall Art. You can also add special effects and edit images just the way you want it to look for the greatest impact and feel.

Facebook Photos Wall Art Ideas

With plenty of editing and filter options available one has the ability to transform an ordinary facebook image into a true work of art. Use a variety of pictures to create a collage that takes you down memory lane or just one large-sized canvas photo print of an image that evokes power and passion.

Facebook is a digital diary that is being used by more than a billion people as a way to keep track of the most important and memorable moments of their lives. Going through your Facebook profile you are likely to find images that will rekindle all kinds of memories and accomplishments. 

These meaningful images when edited and printed on to canvases become a way to constantly remind yourself of who you are, where you come from, and what you are trying to achieve. Be it at an office or home Facebook Photos hung on the wall adds that personal touch and never lets you forget all those wonderful moments in life. 

When choosing a Facebook photo to enlarge and print on canvas it is always advisable to consult with the experts. Such things as the type of canvas for a particular image, the type of filter used, and the editing required can all play a factor in the quality of the canvas prints produced. 

Making stunning wall art from photos is not as easy as it looks, especially, when those photos need to be printed on canvas rather than paper. It is best to trust the experts and present them with the pictures you would like for your wall art. At CanvasPop experts help you select the images that would be most appealing to look at and have the most “wow” factor associated with them to compliment your home or office decor.

Take a trip down memory lane, display your life’s achievements, or simply take a photo and transform it into art the possibilities are endless with the editing tools available for photos today. Old Facebook photos printed out on canvas can offer a truly unique and vintage look that looks more like art than just an image.

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