Most homeowners believe since the property is theirs, they can do with it whatever they wish. However, this shouldn’t be the case. Your home is a place that should be welcoming; hence, following certain protocols will make it appealing. This is more so when it comes to painting the inside and the outside, which might need professional help. Also, picking the right paint can be a challenge since some numerous brands and types can confuse you. Different materials in your home such as metal, walls, and glass may require varied paint

To understand more, check out the following paint types, their ingredients, and function


Primers or sealers aren’t painting, but undercoats that aggregate materially also clean surfaces from dust, smoke, and more. However, you don’t have to use primers in each painting project. But unfinished walls will require a primer coat before painting. A perfect example of such coating is latex-based primer when using latex paint. Ensure if you are using a home-based primer, let it go with oil-based paint. This is why professional painters like hearns hobbies ensure the paint they use rhymes with the task and is blended properly.

Oil-based, Latex Paint, and water-based

These paints have improved a lot and you can apply them for the exterior, as well as interior painting. Long-lasting paints like the oil-based one take longer to dry. You’ll also use turpentine, and sometimes paint thinner when it comes to cleaning oil-based paint. Oil-based paint doesn’t wear out quickly on the walls, so it’s a perfect choice for many home-owners. On the other hand, non-oil-based paints dry faster and are easier to work with. Latex, another name for non-oil-based paint, is used to paint walls and ceilings.

Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint is also known as water-based paint. The element acrylic acts as a binding agent; hence, preferred for areas that need high physical wall resistance, as well as their maintenance. The color is steam resistant and is also resistant to condensation. This paint is best for kitchens and bathrooms, while it doesn’t need backing for walls and wood.

Paint Finishes

The paints are usually available in numerous finishes, including flat, as well as gloss. Paints with the ingredient enamel is an additive responsible for turning dried surface harder, as well as less porous. With four basic sheens, you’ll be able to see the light reflected to the paint finish surface. The basic sheens range from flat, satin, and semi-gloss, to gloss.

Specialty House Paints

These paints are current and used for specific work situations; They include;

  • anti-mould
  • anti-mildew
  • fire retardants
  • anti-condensation
  • sound-reducing paints

If you have problems with mildew, and mold, the above paint types will help you with the exterior and interior walls. Use good-quality paints for spectacular outcomes in every domestic situation. Just ensure you use them with the right primer while applying them on the surface which they are meant for.

If you are seeking to paint your commercial building, home, and more, use eco-friendly colors that are vapor-permeable, such as water-based paints. You can also use oil-based paint, or latex paint depending on the area you want to be painted. However, companies like hearns hobbies have made it easier for people when it comes to mixing paints and painting numerous areas of a building. What matters is the color choice, paint type, and the painting design of this adventurous road.


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