Having a small home doesn’t always need to be a form of punishment for having a low salary. Sometimes having less is more as it allows you to focus on the essentials and to worry less about the excess that you might buy because you hardly have the space to keep things in your house! Here are some ways of organising your home areas to make the most out of your limited space.

Compact living rooms

Though you might be thinking that it’s impossible to keep your living room cramped with furniture, there are ways around it to make sure that your limited lounge area space doesn’t look clunky and heavy on the eyes. Foldable tables and stools are excellent additions to your living room, especially if you want to maximise space. On the other hand, you wouldn’t want to have a dull and empty area either. To add texture and accent to your space, you can add patterned floor tiles and a lot of hanging fixtures to complete the space in your room, from wall-mounted cabinets and shelves to paintings and photographs, to keep your wall space interesting.

Efficient dining area

The kitchen is closely connected to the dining area. If you’re not too keen on having that many guests over to your place, then you might have managed to trick yourself into putting off buying that set of dining table and dining chairs. Though you did make the right choice, you can still have a viable dining area, just with more stools and pull out tables and fewer long tables and heavy chairs.

Multi-functional closets

Chances are that your bedroom is a tight space unless you bought a large property. Even if you’ve already put off purchasing a king size bed or installing that bedside work desk, there are ways for you to make your space functional and space-saving at the same time. A set of the best twin mattresses that you can find can double as a bed and seating space or be used with a futon. Closets are often the bulkiest furniture to have in bedrooms, but they are also the most flexible pieces of hardware that you may have. You can section off parts of your closet to include multiple drawers, a pull-out desk, and even a mounted flat screen.

Tight bathrooms

Since you’re not expected to have multiple people in it, home designers on a tight budget relegate the bathroom space to be the cheapest and narrowest area in the home. Not to worry though, as you can still make the most of your limited space through proper sectioning.

You could install your toilet directly under your cabinets to save on space. Having a corner sink also deals with the issue of slipping accidents and keeps your area optimised. You’d be surprised to know that you can even install these pieces in your bathroom with the right space management and the proper layout. Just because you have a small space doesn’t mean that you can’t go for luxury pieces such as whirlpool baths and shower cabins. Some of the modern models available actually work best in small areas.

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