Out of all the seasons, it is perhaps the winter season when we stay indoors the most. The winds are chilly. The beds are cozy. 

Who would want to step out, right? Probably that’s what the dirt on your upholstery and carpets also wonder. Maybe these dirt particles also wish to enjoy the warmth of your house. 

With the windows shut and the heat on, carpet cleaning is often ignored. Mainly because we get lazy. 

But the holiday season is possibly the best time to make the professionals take their best carpet cleaning machines out and help you get rid of all the stains and spots. We all know Christmas eve without a glass of wine is simply incomplete. 

Moreover, muddy and wet boots are bound to make your carpeted floors dirtier. 

Thus, there are several reasons why you should get carpets cleaned by professionals every winter season. It is time you avoid waiting till Springtime. 

  • Carpets dry faster

Many people are under an impression that it’s best to get the carpets cleaned during the winter season. This impression is mostly based on an assumption that since the weather is warm, it will be easier to get the carpets dried off quickly. 

However, that’s simply not the case. On contrary to what many might presume, hot and humid weather i.e. the summer months prolong the period for carpets to dry. 

During the winter months, since there is extremely low humidity, it is easier for moisture to evaporate, resulting in faster drying. This also decreases the chances of mold or mildew growth that might have taken place under a wet carpet. 

  • Might get harder to clean as more time passes

Wet mud, holiday spills, and just random soil sinking in your carpet are anyway the worst things that could happen to it. Now, imagine this soil simply building up and drying among the carpet fibers. It results in cutting away the carpet and hence, lowers the life expectancy of the carpet.

Make sure you are getting your carpets cleaned during the winter season and not waiting all the way till Spring. If you maintain the cleanliness of your carpet all year long, it will increase its life and will also stay a lot cleaner for a longer period of time. 

Also, with the top carpet cleaning machines used by professionals used by professionals, you can get rid of the dirt quickly and easily. 

  • Helps to eliminate allergens

It is true that your carpets have more potential to stay clean and free of allergens during the winter season than any other. This is because unlike summer, the chances of pollen, dust, and airborne pollutants entering the house from the windows are low since mostly keep them shut. 

Now, when the summer season would be over, the chances are that your carpets would be full of allergens. This means that it is crucial for you to call professional carpet cleaners. For your health’s sake. 

  • Much easier to book an appointment 

Since many are under an impression that spring is the season for carpet cleaning, the cleaning companies are mostly booked. Getting an appointment or even getting them on the call to hear you out could be a challenge. 

Why not leverage the time when they are the most free. Winter season is the season when you don’t really have to fight for a spot. You can escape the rush by getting your carpets cleaned during the winter season. 

Who wouldn’t want that deal? 

  • Improved air quality

We have already discussed how everyone has their windows shut, especially when it’s snowing on the outside. Heaters and blankets become our best friends. However, since you will have your windows and doors shut, the chances of harmful bacteria and organisms leaving your house are low. 

This can be extremely harmful to you and your family. By getting your carpets cleaned, build a healthier environment for you inside your homes. 

  • Makes your house guest-ready

The Winter season is also the holiday season. While it’s true that we mostly tend to stay indoors, we still have our friends and family visiting each other. After all, it is the festival season, no? 

You don’t want your carpets to be full of allergens, dirt, soil, dried up mud, and other unappealing substances when you have guests over. It can simply spoil the mood otherwise. So, get your carpets cleaned before you start celebrating your holidays and enjoy the company of your loved ones in a clean and healthy environment. 


Gone are the days when Spring was considered the best season. Redefine your carpet cleaning routine to make sure your health is always in check, you are always guest-ready, and the air quality of your homes is flawless. If you’re finding it difficult to squeeze in cleaning time, consider reaching out to a professional, such as No More Dust Maid Services.

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