One of the most breathtaking types of natural stones is limestone. It is a preferred choice for many homeowners for good reasons. These natural stone floors are in high demand because of their earthy colours and increased durability. If you are looking to renovate your home’s flooring with a natural stone option, consider limestone.

Here are the reasons that make it a great choice.

Why Should You Opt for Limestone Flooring

Limestone is versatile and can be used to create patterns that can not be created with other tiles. Since it is mostly made out of muted coloured tiles, it produces less cluttered yet livable spaces.

What is Limestone?

It’s a natural stone that is made out of sedimentary rocks. Since it is pressurized during the making process, it’s quite resilient, durable, and porous.

Tiles Made Out of Limestones

Limestone usually comes with muted tones and lighter shades. These subtle colours are what attracts customers to the limestone floorings. Ivory and beige are the most prominent colours in the world of limestone. They give a soothing look to any space. If you’re one of the many that love a darker toned appearance, these tiles come in black and brown tones as well.

If the tiles have to be replaced, you can always find a good enough match since they’re still in high demand. However, the muted colours can go easily with any room décor. Here is a list of why you should consider limestone as a choice for stone floors:

Comes in a Wide Array of Colors and Styles

Limestone flooring can be available in a multitude of colours, ranging from earthy, muted tones like cream, beige to yellow and brown. It can also be produced with many polishes and finishes that look like veining, speckling, or glassy and leather finishes. Limestones tiles are usually installed in the combo of square-shaped tiles, but why stop here. It can also be included in beautiful chevron and Versailles patterns to increase their visual appeal.

Durable and Porous

Limestone is at the top when people speak about the durability of flooring items. Limestone flooring doesn’t break or wear down, even with heavy use. Let’s take an example from real life, in which limestone was used in the ancient pyramids as a building material.

Unmatched Beauty

Natural stones like limestone have been used since forever as a building material. Therefore limestone can be used to give a classic but modern appearance to the place.

Increases the Resale Value of Your Home

If you have natural stone floors, then potential buyers would look at your listing since it makes the place look ready-for-sale. It is a must for anyone who’s considering to sell out the place in the future. Stone flooring is a dramatic change that will create a good impression on the prospective buyer.

Easy to Maintain

Like other natural stone floorings, limestone is also pretty resistant to bacterial accumulation, which is excellent for kitchen and bathroom spaces. Keeping the limestone clean is also pretty easy. Sweep or vacuum clean the place, and use a wet mop once a week to keep your limestone flooring clean and grime-free.

The Versatility That Can Gel With any Home Décor

Very few options give the flexibility that limestone flooring does. Limestone comes in muted tones, which provides a hot look for rustic or modern spaces. Limestone brings a warm neutral tone to space, making it the best choice for elegant yet earthy spaces. What’s more, it comes in a variety of cuts, shapes, sizes, and finishes so that it suits your living space.

Appropriate for Kitchens

It is great for kitchen tiling since it’s extremely tough to break and easy to clean. With the right sealant, it can become non-porous to remain protected from spillage of any kind, especially in areas like the kitchen.

Affordability When it Comes to Another Sort of Tiles

Limestone is affordable and helps you avoid artificial and natural flooring items such as granite and marble. Appearance-wise, you can’t match them with other flooring types.


It is of utmost importance that you schedule a resealing appointment regularly if you’re going to use limestone floors in your home. Regular resealing will build up strength and maintain integrity. It will also protect your limestone floor from any spillage since limestone is pretty quick to absorb moisture. Any flooring would accumulate grout over some time. Therefore, you need some grout cleaner.

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