…and then back into a deck! And then into a pool again. I just keep pushing the button. This is a slick, wooden deck by Agor that lowers, revealing a swimming pool. How does it work? Magic. Just kidding, it’s a water-based hydraulic system. But I prefer the idea that there’s an army of tiny little wizards casting spells. Let me live in my fantasty world! The deck can be lowered to different levels, so you can have a kiddie pool or do a full blown adult swim. Personally, it makes no difference to me how deep the water is, so long as I can wear my floaties.

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  1. Kevin 'Herbie' Blackburn

    I just ask why? Because you can! However, you could hardly use the desk for a barbecue or party area, imagine the dirt that would end up in the pool. Seems all pretty impractical to me.

  2. sandra

    tidier than a pool cover and safer for kids.

  3. KittySoftpaws

    Agree! I can only imagine that wood rotting pretty fast…. not to mention maintaining the hydraulics. Definitely something for the wealthy and not something us regular folks would find practical ;)

  4. Liquidguycas

    I think the deck is made from the composite material that won’t rotten

  5. Navybrat

    Where does it say that it’s wood? Oh, it doesn’t! Whoever designed this was very good. I seriously doubt if the designer used wood!

  6. Navybrat

    That’s what I think, also. The person talented enough to create this would not use wood.

  7. Navybrat

    Gee Kevin, don’t you think that someone smart enough to design and build this would have thought of that and taken care of it??

  8. Ivan

    “wooden deck by Agor that lowers,” From the text above.

  9. Ivan

    Being raised on the East coast of Canada, I also know many docks and wharf’s are made of wood and last for 50 or more years. It would depend on the wood and what it might be treated with.

  10. Brett Taylor

    Don’t you think they have figured the rot issue? i suspect that isn’t real wood, but some synthetic material.

  11. Abel

    Hydraulic systems in pools are not uncommon. I’ve see pools that have a floor that partially raises to go from a lap pool to a kiddie pool.
    That is not wood. It’s a synthetic. Otherwise it would not be a practical use for a pool floor.
    Also, it would get no dirtier than normal pools. A good filtration system and good chemistry control and you’re good to go.

  12. Fairy

    Should’ve been an engineer too. Heeheee I love this stuff

  13. yachty

    There is a yacht with a Heliport that turns into a pool……