Sometimes, change is necessary in life. We want a new job, a new partner, a new home…

When it comes to moving homes, it can be great to try living in a brand-new place. Whether this is a new area of your town, a new city, or a completely different state, it gives you the opportunity to have a fresh start. Be sure to check out Three Movers to get a free Arizona moving quote.

If you’re currently on the look-out for an amazing new place to call home, have you considered checking out the Phoenix, AZ Homes For Sale? Or maybe you’d prefer a quieter part of Arizona where you can enjoy the peace and quiet.

Arizona is currently the 14th most populous state in America and its population is growing year by year. It’s currently home to over 7 million residents, 1.6 million of which reside in Phoenix.

Phoenix lies in the heart of Arizona and it’s the capital of the state. Known as ‘The Valley of the Sun’, it has over 16 million visitors each year and this is no surprise when you realize how great the city truly is.

So, you’re ready to move out of your current hometown and you want to experience life in a new and exciting state. Then, Arizona might just be perfect for you!

Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider moving to the state of Arizona.

The sun in the blue sky under the clouds. Sunny day. Blue sky. Bright midday sun illuminates the space. Blue sky with clouds and sun reflection. The sun shines bright in the daytime in summer.

Great Weather

Arizona is known for its great weather. It has a lovely balance between warm, sunny days and cool, crisp nights.

For those of you who love the sunny climates, Arizona is one of the best states. It receives more sun than any of the metropolitan states nearby.

On average, the state gets between 300-320 days of sun each year, with the remaining days being a little cooler and rainier. So, you get the best of both worlds without having to put up with too many rainy days.

During the cooler winters, you might wish to visit your family in another (warmer) state or get your coat on and embrace the weather. Arizona is bordered by a number of other amazing states, so a winter road trip could be on the cards!

You Are Surrounded By Nature

Arizona has lots of beautiful open spaces where you can discover the true beauty of nature.

Millions of people visit the state every year to view the stunning scenes of Arizona. Moving to the state means you can enjoy these scenes every day of the year if you wish to!

Just a short drive through the state will take you from one scene to another. From the rocky mountains to the astounding Grand Canyon, you can enjoy everything that nature has to offer in Arizona. Experience a gorgeous sunset as you explore the outdoors with your friends and family.

Since you are so close to nature in Arizona, there are lots of opportunities to try outdoor activities, such as hiking, rock climbing, fishing, water sports, skiing, and snowboarding.

With the majority of the year being sunny and warm, you are bound to enjoy spending time outdoors. Plus, these activities are the perfect way to stay fit while getting lots of vitamin D and fresh air.

If you’d rather observe sports than take part in them, you can watch the local Arizonian teams play instead. There are lots of different local sporting days and live-streamed sports events all over the state every year and they make the perfect day out for you and your sports loving friends.

Lots of Potential for Job Growth

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or you are a career-driven individual, Arizona is the perfect state for you.

You won’t struggle to find new job opportunities with the thriving Arizona job market. In fact, Arizona ranks as the third highest state for job growth after Oregon and Utah.

In particular, Phoenix has rapidly growing markets in the industrial, hospitality, and tourism industries. So, if you’re an expert in either of these fields, you can rest assured knowing you will not be stuck for work.

Arizona is also one of the best states for entrepreneurship with business opportunities at every corner. If you’re hoping to start a successful business in the near future, you won’t find anywhere better than Arizona.

There is Lots to Do

You definitely won’t get bored in your spare time when you move to Arizona.

You can experience the delicious South Western cuisine or try dishes from all over the world in one of hundreds of restaurants. Arizona is incredibly multicultural and this is part of what makes it so exciting.

Maybe you enjoy shopping or participating in outdoor sporting events. If you’re a keen golfer, you can have a chilled game on one of the 200 golfing courses in Phoenix.

Of course, you can’t forget about the more well-known tourist attractions. Take a day trip to the Grand Canyon, where millions of people travel from all over the world to visit every year.

You won’t be able to walk the whole 277 miles of the canyons but you can certainly enjoy the breath-taking views. Make sure to get lots of pictures to send to your family and friends in other states.

You can also take a trip to one of many parks in the state, such as Monument Valley, Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon, and Petrified Forest National Park.

It’s Affordable

Compared to its neighbouring states, Arizona is much more affordable. Whether you’re buying or renting, you won’t be paying anywhere near as much as you would in the areas around California.

On average, you can expect to pay around $1,000 a month for a 2-bedroom apartment and between $2,500 to $3,000 a month for a family-sized property in Arizona. The cost of living isn’t too expensive either at around $500 to $800 a month.

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