For anyone seeking to relocate to a city with friendly people, affordable housing, sports fan bases, and several others, Pittsburgh is a great destination. What then makes the city special for you to move your family there? The following, among many others, are the top 3 reasons why you should move your family to Pittsburgh.

Kids’ friendly environment

Pittsburgh is a great place to raise children. They will have access to varieties of fun activities and schools. There are standout schools in Pittsburgh that have won awards both at the state and the national level. Not only that, the kids don’t have to sweat around for their college degrees. This is because of the presence of top-ranked universities in the city.

For kids’ entertainment, the children’s museum is among the many other museums you can visit. What about the zoo, the water steps at Riverfront Park, and other amusement places where you can visit with your family?

Also, there are a lot of annual festivals in Pittsburgh that expose kids to arts and culture also. You won’t want to miss it as an adult also. One of the places that attract a lot of people to Pittsburgh is Kennywood. This is best described by those that have experienced it. Some other interesting places you can visit in Pittsburgh for unmatched fun are Sandcastle and Idlewild Park.


Healthcare should be a priority on your checklist of the places you will want to relocate to, especially when you are considering the overall interest of the family. The truth is you are in a safe place if you ever get sick in Pittsburgh.

One of the best healthcare in the whole country is in Pittsburgh. It is one of the things you will easily notice when you are driving into the city. Did you know that one of the things that make the city popular is healthcare? The first polio vaccine was discovered in Pittsburgh and the first beating heart transplant in the US was performed there.

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is a topmost ranked hospital in the US and it has many medical facilities and hospitals in the city of Pittsburgh. Few among many other hospitals in Pittsburgh are the West Penn Hospital and the Allegheny General Hospital.


Irrespective of the community you resolve to settle in Pittsburgh, relative affordability is guaranteed. It is one of the most celebrated and the top livable cities in the US. Living in Pittsburgh cost less than 12.5% of what is averagely available in the whole of the country.

Well, there are many neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, and the price you will get depends on your preferred neighborhood. For instance, living in Squirrel Hill South is relatively more expensive than living in Summer Hill.

Do you need a moving company?

Relocating to another city or state could be a stressful experience. Not only that, your valuables might not be safe if you do not engage the service of professionals. That is why you need a moving company to ease the process and the safety of your valuables. To get the best moving company, here are a few tips.

Skyline at night of the Central Business district of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

Ask for recommendations

If you have friends, neighbors, and families that have engaged in the service of a moving company, you can ask them for a recommendation. You will likely have one person within your circle who is satisfied with a moving company’s service. Alternatively, you can also search online for moving companies in your community. You can then have to make a list of some of the companies you will consider.

Read reviews

Once you have compiled the list of some of the moving companies for consideration, you can go online to read about the experience of others that have used the company. Any client that is satisfied with the service will leave a positive review while others that are not will voice out their frustration and grievances. The number of companies for consideration should reduce when you are through with reading the reviews

Have a checklist

You can call each of the companies or visit the office for physical interaction. Your experience with them will determine if you will be settling for any of them. Some of the things you should consider during your conversation are the license and other paperwork of the company, experience, number of years in business, how friendly the company is during the interaction, charges, and number of staff.

Reasons why you need to trust a moving company

Moving to Pittsburgh? You need to trust one company from the pool of available movers in Pittsburgh. Here is a list of some of the reasons why you need to engage the service of a moving company.

Time management

Packing, unpacking, and moving heaving valuables could take time. When you hire a moving company, these things will be done within the shortest duration.


Valuables could get damaged in the process of moving them. With the service of trained personnel, the boxes will be safely moved to your new home.


Living in Pittsburgh also gives you access to all the amenities that you will get in a big city.

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