You no doubt love spending many hours in your home’s conservatory when the weather is cooler since these parts of the home remain warm and cozy even when the rest of the property might be chilly.

However, in the middle of summer, you could find yourself avoiding this room because the properties that make it so appealing in winter leave it too hot to enjoy right now.

Don’t think you have to give up using this area of your house for good each summer, though. Instead, follow a few strategies to help your conservatory cool down when needed, so you can utilize it year-round.

Select Heat-Reflective Glass

You might have double glazing on windows in other rooms of your property to reduce outside noise disturbances, but there’s also a glass product designed to lower temperatures. Heat-reflective glass is made for conservatories and other spots that get warm.

Unlike double glazing that can lead spaces to get too hot when natural light hits the glass, heat-reflective options stop heat from passing through the glass. However, they still enable you to see through your windows and glass panels unobstructed. Another benefit of this product is that it helps retain heat in winter, so your conservatory will become even more of the perfect spot throughout the year.

Utilize Fans or Air-Con

An obvious way to cool down a conservatory is to utilize fans or air-conditioning units. You can purchase outdoor ceiling fans for this external area of your home or select a low-profile ceiling fan or other product as needed. Depending on the size of your conservatory, you may be fine with a single fan, or you could need a couple to spread cool air evenly around the space.

For those with more substantial budgets or people who live in locations that get incredibly hot, you may want to go down the path of having air-conditioning installed in your conservatory. Most units cost two to three thousand dollars or more, depending on the size, brand, and other factors, but they are convenient machines.

Install Blinds

Another way to reduce the heat in the conservatory is to install window blinds to help shield the area from the sun and stop you from boiling as a result. These products also provide handy privacy from overlooking neighborhood homes if needed. You can select from various blind types for your conservatory, such as roller blinds, printed blinds, blackout blinds, shutters, and Venetian blinds.

Furthermore, consider if you want to add roof blinds to your conservatory. These will further stop the sun from streaming in and heating the room up. You can have roof blinds customized for any home, and many of the motorized options are incredibly easy to open and close, though they are more expensive.

Take Advantage of Windows

The conservatory at your property no doubt has multiple windows built into it. When hot air gets trapped in this room, you can let it out and achieve a cooler temperature by opening these windows. Proper ventilation from circulating air and cool breezes coming in can make a significant difference to comfort levels.

However, you may find that on very hot, still days having windows wide open doesn’t alleviate the heat. As such, it pays to have additional ventilation options via vents installed in the roof or the bottom of your conservatory. Roof vents are especially useful since hot air rises and gets released through these holes.

Put Specific Cooling Film on Glass

Another potential glass-based solution for a hot conservatory is adding cooling film to all the windows. Special adhesive layers get applied straight onto the glass and reflect heat so that less comes into your home. The cooling film helps block harmful UV rays, which is an excellent bonus to protect your skin. Plus, the film will help protect your furniture, so it’s less likely to fade as quickly due to all the light that comes in from outside.

Plant Appropriate Greenery Outside the Conservatory

If you plan to stay in your home for many years yet, think long-term about ways to keep your conservatory cool. Plant a tree, vine, shrubs, or other suitable options right outside the room to eventually provide shade for it. It’s wise to plant deciduous greenery. This type is thick and lush in summer to block out heat, then loses its leaves in winter when you want more light and heat coming in to warm the room.

Incorporate some or all of the suggestions above, and you should soon find yourself able to spend much more time enjoying your conservatory.

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