Plenty of people consider buying an air mattress because it is portable. A portable mattress can be put anywhere in the house, and you can sleep over it. An air mattress uses air to become a cushion-like bed and when you are done using it, you can deflate the bag and store it in your bag. You can take it anywhere whenever you want, especially if you are having a sleepover at your friend’s flat or on a camping trip. The air mattress features dual air chambers on the inside, some foam rails, and a few padded memory foams to make it soft. When you pump air into the mattress then the air inflates the bed and since it’s all air and foam, the air mattress can even float on water too.

Since there are plenty of air mattresses available online, you need to take a few things into consideration before buying an air mattress. So have a look:

  • Size

The first thing that you should consider is the size of a mattress. Now the mattress comes in various sizes, and they include single, twin, queen, and king sizes. If you are looking to buy a mattress for a kid, then junior size is the best. But if you want an adult mattress that can be used for your camping trips then get your sleeping bag in a single size. However, if you have a big family, try having a king- or queen-sized air mattress. Having a big bed can be a real blessing when you have guests staying at your home on Christmas.

  • Softness

Another important thing is the softness of your air mattress. You would want it to be too soft nor too hard because both options are bad. Too much softness can make it too saggy while too hard would be like sleeping on a hard wooden board. Also, medically too soft mattresses are not good for your spine and can lead to severe back pains. 

Selective focus of an inflatable air mattress on the floor of a tent being filled up.

  • Thickness

After deciding on size and softness, you need to look at the thickness of your air mattress. Expert suggests buying an air mattress that is a little thick because it would be easy to manage. Your body will easily fit into it and wouldn’t cause any discomfort. So, when you are buying an air mattress, do check the thickness of your mattress.

  • Inflation and deflation

The air mattress is a multipurpose mattress. You may want to use it for kid’s sleeping, playing, and swimming activities. Given the uses of air mattress, you are going to use it both indoor and outdoor. So, you need to choose a mattress that can be easily inflated and deflated. Choose the one that can be inflated within 5 minutes. If it takes longer then it’s a hassle. You choose this option to have a quick solution so it shouldn’t take long to prepare a bed when you are sleepy.

  • Type

Air mattresses have a lot of types. Some have features that allow you to keep a firm thickness that resembles a traditional bed, some feature distinctive shapes, and some have the option of extending to make extra space. Such air mattresses are a little expensive and weigh more than the regular ones but they are worth it.

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