The best way to ensure your room is kept clean and tidy is to install a wardrobe. It is the perfect option for storing clothes, jewellery, shoes and other accessories. With plenty of different styles such as hinge door, corner and sliding door wardrobes, keeping your room organised has never been easier. That being said, closets can quickly become cluttered, messy and untidy.  The way you organise your wardrobe mostly depends on your preferences and the number of items you need to store.

There are many ways to optimise your closet to keep it uncluttered and tidy. Read on to discover some tips on how you can easily organise your wardrobe.

Empty and Clean

Make sure you orchestrate a good clean out of your closet every once in a while. Throw out or recycle any broken items and donate anything you don’t use to charity. Take the opportunity while your closet is empty to give it a good deep clean.

For some, it’s hard (and mostly boring) to arrange clothes in their closets. Often, people tend to throw their belongings into a wardrobe without caring where they go.

The problem with this carefree attitude is that you have a hard time locating what you want. Keeping your closet clean will help you feel motivated to have it always looking neat and organized.

Arrange by Season

As obvious as it seems, arranging your clothes by season makes them easy to find. Separate your beach shorts from your winter jackets and keep your hats and scarves away from your summer sandals. Then, store your seasonal outfits all together in one part of the wardrobe and rotate from season to season if necessary.

Store Your Favourites at Eye Level

Everyone owns outfits that they like to wear regularly. These should be stored in the middle of the closet so that they’re easy to see and readily accessible. You don’t want to waste time in the morning looking for your favourite suit while trying to rush to beat the morning traffic.

Your least used clothes should be at the very top or bottom of the wardrobe.

Invest in Drawer Dividers

Trying to find your tie, necklace or cufflinks in a standard drawer can be quite challenging as often, these items are just thrown inside and left unorganised. Luckily, you can solve this problem by using drawer dividers.

Dividers make it easier to separate different accessories or clothing items, adding functionality and a visual appeal to your closet.

Use Coordinating Hangers

There is no secret that using hangers is a key way to keep your closet organised but nothing is more visually unappealing than using a combination of plastic and wire hangers. Using matching hangers makes your wardrobe more attractive and can help you to keep your clothes in order.

Ensure that the hangers you buy work with the types of clothes you have. For example, velvet hangers are suitable for hanging heavier garments while wooden hangers aren’t ideal for slippery clothes.

Arrange According to How You Dress

Nobody wants to spend lots of time dressing up before heading to the office. If your closet has a dresser or several drawers, use a smart approach when arranging your clothes.

An example of arranging your clothes according to how you dress would be to use the top section of a drawer to store your undergarments as they are the first thing you put on. Below this, your pants and shorts and finally, t-shirts, tops and sweaters.

If you are wearing a suit, don’t store the whole attire together on one hanger. Keep your shirt and blazer separate but next to one another to make it easier to dress in the morning.

Optimise Vertical Space

Though it’s often overlooked, the vertical space in your closet can create more room if used properly. This space offers versatility in that it can hold jewellery and other accessories such as belts and ties.

Use Colour Codes

As stressful as it seems, arranging your clothes by colour makes it much easier to pick them when dressing. You won’t have a hard time choosing matching outfits when going for an outing. Even if you’re in a rush to get to the office, you’ll quickly spot what you want to wear.

Final Words

When buying a closet, the primary thing every homeowner has in mind is organisation. However, this objective doesn’t stop at purchasing a wardrobe – you might have your sleek and stylish freestanding closet, trendy walk-in storage space or a new sliding door wardrobe but if you don’t follow the tips mentioned above, it’ll look disorganised, and cluttered.

Proper organisation of your wardrobe is not only convenient but also increases the visual appeal of your home.

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