Getting creative with home upgrades can change the entire look and feel of your house, and projects don’t need to be bank-breakers or horribly complex. Things like covered outdoor hot tubs, home elevators, authentic bars, theater areas that look like real movie houses, and special saunas can turn a plain dwelling space into a showplace. Many of these cool makeovers don’t cost much at all. Some are a bit on the pricey side of things but will bump up your home’s resale value enough to recoup the entire investment.


So, what are you waiting for? Get going with one, some or all of the following cool home upgrades:

Domed Hot Tub


You can buy a plastic dome at most of the big-box hardware stores and place it over your patio hot tub for an indoor-outdoor effect. These domed units are popular in cold regions where it’s just not practical to have an outdoor tub year-round. Instead, use the dome to cover the tub when outdoor temperatures sink or when it begins to snow. The dome will retain the heat and turn your outdoor sauna into an oasis of comfort every day of the year.

A Real Bar


If you decide to install an authentic bar, be sure to go around town and ask real bar owners about some of their used items that can make your project a winner. In most cases, they’ll be happy to part with some items for minimal or no cost. Use mirrors, glass shelves, neon lights and don’t forget the wooden, overhead glass holder.

A Home Elevator


Elevators for the home are an idea whose time has come. Actually, residential elevators have been around for decades but only recently pickup up steam due to older folks wanting to avoid the use of dangerous stairs. But the newfound popularity of in-house elevators is about more than safety. These slick devices are compact, can transport two bodies at a time and are reasonably priced. They look great because they add an air of modernity and sleekness to any house that has one. They’re also a super-safe way for older adults to travel from floor to floor without having to worry about falling on stairs. Nearly three million people suffer severe injuries every year by falling down stairs in their homes.

Theater Room


The hot new trend in entertainment rooms is to create a replica of old movie houses. It’s an upgrade that you can achieve just by using some creativity and a little elbow grease. There’s no need to hire a contractor either because all the work is DIY, costs little and is fun to do. Simply clear out your entertainment room, add old-style movie theater carpeting, buy some folding chairs with cup holders at a thrift store and then put your big-screen TV on the front wall. For an added touch of authenticity, consider using boards to make the seat rows tiered and place a velvet curtain in front of the screen.

An Outdoor Sauna


You can buy all-in-one saunas and place them anywhere in your house. For a special look and European ambiance, place the unit outdoors on a patio. If you are mechanically inclined, opt for a DIY sauna unit and put the thing together yourself.

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