According to something that was said on the internet that isn’t 100% guaranteed, we(on average) spend over a third of our lives laying down on a bed. Considering that, wouldn’t you want to spend that third of your life on something very comfortable for you, your back, and your body overall? If you choose a bed that’d be perfect for you, it could help with your posture and even benefit you mentally!

Getting back to the point of spending a third of our lives on a bed: Is the night’s rest from your bed worthwhile? Is it comfortable for you? Do you enjoy sleeping every night on your bed? If not, then it seems like you’re going to need an upgrade, so you should go out as soon as you can to shop for that new bed. Of course, if you don’t want to take a step out of your home, you can always check online stores!

Types Of Mattress

Currently, there are three types of mattresses that you can shop for in your stores. Not to mention how there are different types of materials and purposes of bed within these three types. So knowing what type you’re going to want in general will help you narrow your scope and make it easier for you to shop for your best mattress.

Traditional Spring Mattress

This is the kind of bed that you’ll see pretty much everywhere since it’s the one that’s been around the longest – hence, the “traditional” part in the name. This type of mattress has a layer of metal coils towards the bottom and a layer of light foam covering this layer. It might not give the most comfortability, but it sure as hell does give the support that you need if you’re an over-active sleeper.

Memory Foam Mattress

This is probably the bed most would consider the “fancier” bed since everybody pretty had the innerspring mattress. A memory foam mattress could quite literally “suck” in all of your exhaustion as you lay down because wherever you lay down in the bed, it will sink in. It’s said even to be the type of mattress that would be the best at helping with back pain.

Hybrid Mattress – Innerspring + Memory Foam

This is probably one of the best inventions to come since it mixed both the excellent edge support that you would get with an innerspring mattress with the extreme comfort that you would get with a memory foam mattress. So if you’re looking for a little something in both directions, then maybe a hybrid mattress would be more your vibe.


This will probably be one of the important things that will contribute to what you’ll consider when buying a new mattress! For example, you could get a bed that heats up in a specific part to help with an injury. You’d even be surprised that there are beds designed for people who would sleep on their backs, sides, or bellies, which may even help with any back pain and bad posture!

Bed Size

You can’t be overspending on a queen-sized bed that fits for two people when you’re on your own, right? On the flip side, you can’t buy a twin or twin XL-sized bed when you need space for two people. The size of your bed can also influence your room’s aesthetic. A large bed in a small room would just be inconvenient and not valuable in the long run. This will have a more negative impact on your room’s aesthetic, so try to avoid this at all costs!

Extra Features

Sure, you can have a bed that is solely for sleeping and laying down on, but you could also take the chance to see if there are any other cool features that the beds might have. Like having two separate beds be able to join together to form a king-sized bed. Or maybe even something that might be able to give you some extra storage space? Or how about a bed that might even up the chances of you and your partner getting pregnant – though that’s not for certain!


Without exaggerating anything, the price is the number one factor that would limit you from buying the mattress of your dreams. Of course, you could always find alternatives to that one mattress at a lower price, and of course, it probably won’t feel the same, but a close second would be good enough, wouldn’t it? Although a great mattress will be one of the most significant long-term investments you’ll make, you should ensure that you’re not breaking the bank by a considerable margin!


Don’t forget about all of the costs for delivery once you’ve found an excellent match for your sleeping needs, which will then probably slightly lower your spending. If you’re in a stalemate between two or three different beds, then don’t hesitate to always ask a friend, a family member, or even better yet, someone more knowledgeable!

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