Moving is difficult, and most of us aren’t used to lifting big goods or handling awkward objects such as huge boxes, furniture, and appliances.

Yet, moving is a reality of life, and while full-service movers may handle most of your moving needs, you will have to move some boxes yourself at some point.

So, to keep you safe and accident-free, we’ve put together some brief suggestions on moving safely, avoiding injury, and making your move as smooth and easy as possible.

Get Yourself Ready

Moving is a workout – carrying heavy boxes and odd furniture is exercise and should be treated as such. Stretch yourself out and limber up your arms and legs to ensure you’re ready to move. It will be much simpler to maintain a high degree of exertion for a longer period if your muscles are warmed up before you begin.

You should also be well-hydrated and fed. When the weather warms up in the spring and summer, keep water bottles on hand to rehydrate once you begin to sweat. Have some snacks on hand as well; moving consumes more than 250 calories every hour, and more than 400 if you’re transporting big furniture and boxes. Maintaining your energy level allows you to function for extended periods.

Lifting Techniques

Good lifting technique is critical for avoiding damage. Lifting big objects puts your body under enormous strain, and the wrong lifting can result in severe spinal injuries, torn ligaments, and other less catastrophic problems. Many movement injuries are caused by incorrectly lifting heavy weights.

A good lifting technique includes the following steps.

  • Approach the box or object in question (and verify sure you can handle the weight) • Check that the weight of the box is equally distributed
  • To grab the box, bend at the knees (DO NOT HUNCH OVER!)
  • Inhale deeply before lifting the box, and exhale slowly as you do so. This keeps your abdominal muscles squeezed and your spine supported.
  • Lift the box with your legs straightened, not your torso.
  • Relocate the box.

It may appear to be a lot of steps, but it becomes rather natural after a while, and the perfect technique will allow you to lift as many boxes as you need to without straining your back or harming yourself.

Take Care of Your Step

Falls are a significant concern when moving, especially when large boxes and furniture are placed in locations they should not be – and the risk is increased when transferring heavy objects. When carrying a big burden, it’s difficult to regain your balance, so even a minor misstep might result in a dangerous fall.

While transporting boxes into and out of a home, make sure you have a clear, designated path outside that is free of risks at all times. This will give you a “safe” way in and out when carrying large loads, and you’ll be able to focus on hanging onto the boxes you’re moving rather than merely glancing at the floor in front of you to make sure you don’t fall.

This “clean path” includes wearing appropriate footwear and ensuring that your walking path is neither slick nor slippery. A good rubber-soled tennis shoe is an excellent all-weather option, providing excellent traction on even tile and wood floors.


Avoid wearing shoes with exposed toes. A heavy-duty tennis shoe or a boot gives far better protection if something is spilled on your foot by mistake, and open-toed shoes can frequently cause tripping and fumbling problems due to their form.

Next, double-check that the way you’re taking it outside is secure. Take away any rubbish, such as stones, and make sure there are no other obstructions that could cause you to trip and fall.

Understand Your Limitations

When it comes to avoiding damage, knowing your boundaries is critical. Overstretching yourself by doing too much exercise beyond your skill level or even attempting to move an object that is far too heavy for you can result in injury, which is aggravated by weariness.

Take frequent rests – movement is hard work, and if you’re weary, you’re more likely to make a mistake and damage yourself. Take a break, eat something, drink something, and get ready for the rest of the day.

Having friends and family assist you can also be a fantastic way to relieve some of a load of moving – when one person becomes tired, another can take over, and you can all retain higher energy levels and greater strength throughout the day.

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Employ Full-Service Movers such as Empire Movers & Storage

The greatest approach to avoid harm when lifting heavy boxes is to avoid lifting them altogether. Empire Movers & Storage can assist you whether you’re packing yourself and only need a good last-mile solution to get you moved into your new house, or you’re searching for a full-service moving solution.

If you choose a full-service moving plan, our pros will do the hard lifting and even pack for you.

Whatever the service you choose, our professional movers will make your relocation as pleasant, easy, and stress-free as possible. Call us to find out more about our New York local services and rates.

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