Spokane is one of the largest cities in Washington with over two lakh population in the city and close to five lakh in the metro region. It is located along the Spokane river around the Selkirk mountains. Spokane has been lucky with its geographical location as it has close access to lakes, mountains, and lots of green space as well. It is considered one of the naturally beautiful places to live in Washington. 

Spokane has lots to offer for all generations. For the younger generation, there are lots of career and business opportunities with a low cost of living. It is also considered a very peaceful city so it became the favorite place for the older citizens as well. Over the years, it has attracted a major chunk of tourists due to the mountains, lakes, and all the greenery. Thus, in this article we will discuss why relocating to Spokane is a great choice.

1)Temperatures are great:

Spokane is known for its low humidity compared to its adjacent cities. Although the temperatures are extreme in winters and summers, it is more suitable for living because of its low humidity. Because the humidity is low, you don’t find yourself sweating even in the hot summer. The quality of the air is also great which is the major factor to leading a healthy life.

2)Very affordable:

The real estate costs are low when compared to the neighboring cities of Spokane. You can get a double bedroom house for rent at around $450. If you are planning to relocate here permanently and want to buy a house, you can get a three-bedroom house in the center of the city for around $300000 which is way cheaper when you compare it with cities like Seattle. To make your buying process smooth, you can hire real estate in Spokane Valley who can hire you to get the home depending on your needs and can even help you through the loans process as well. All you need to do is to select the home, the rest of the process will be taken care of by them.

Rich late afternoon light falls onto the buildings and architecture of Spokane Washington USA

3)Great for education:

Spokane is considered one of the major hubs for education in the entire Washington region. Many students across the state come to Spokane for high-quality education. It has over 30000 students which is a record number. Five universities offer a variety of courses along with two medical colleges. Along with these, two public libraries are for all the students who are passionate about their studies.

4)No traffic issues:

Although the population in Spokane is high, the roads and traffic rules are well maintained so that you don’t need to get stuck on the roads. The density of population in urban areas is also low which is the other major reason for it to have no congestion issues. But, during peak hours, there will be few traffic concerns in densely populated areas. 

5)Ever-growing career opportunities:

Not only the educational opportunities but the career growth is also great in Spokane. So, if you have young kids, then Spokane is a great place to relocate as the education and career opportunities both are equally good. The biggest industries are agriculture, healthcare, and mining, etc. The military and air force opportunities are also equally good.

6)Great tourist place:

When you want to take a little break from your hectic schedule, there are a plethora of options to explore. There is greenery and fresh air along with mountains and lakes. There are some amazing parks like Liberty Park, Manito Park, and Lincoln Park, etc. For entertainment, you have IMAX theaters, museums, galleries, and a historical clock tower. 


To wrap up, relocating to Spokane is a great option as you can see all the mentioned points above. Along with these, the arts and culture are great, it has amazing downtown and mouth-watering food as well. 

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