Most of the energy consumption in a typical United States home goes to HVAC units, accounting for 48% of the total use. Air conditioning needs increase during summer and winter. No one wants to stay in a sweltering house or freeze at home. Installing an air conditioning system is, therefore, paramount. However, it is not a decision you should take lightly, take your time, and pay attention to the following tips.


Beginner’s Guide to HVAC Installation


Installing an air conditioning system can be challenging, especially if you have little or no knowledge and also make poor financial decisions. If you want the process to go smoothly, get the best of your investment and enjoy conducive temperatures at your home, here is what you should do.


Hire a Reputable HVAC Company


To get quality services, you must use the services of experts in HVAC installation, such as rockwall heat and air. If you get a poor installation service at your home, you deal with more repairs and maintenance needs, and that means spending money you would have otherwise saved or used to take care of other responsibilities. Take time to find a company that takes pride in delivering excellent services and whose track records speak for itself. A company that could be back up by their own merits and experience is also committed to their clients’ health and satisfaction. Those are the main reasons to decide and hire a professional team fully dedicated to heating and air conditioning.


You can ask your family or friends for referrals, or check online platforms and make sure to examine reviews of various air conditioners. Trying to save money by hiring the most affordable company may end up costing you more money in the end. For example, Dearborn HVAC is one of the best companies in their area.


Don’t Go For a Second-Hand Unit.


Although it may be a cheaper option, it will generate unnecessary expenses along the way, and you will end up spending more than you would have spent by getting a new system. A used unit might also be less efficient in terms of energy conservation, power, functionality, and even a shorter lifespan.


Buying a new unit is a wise financial decision as they have a longer lifespan, help reduce your energy consumption and hence do your part in conserving the environment. You will also spend less time repairing and maintaining your air conditioning system. The bottom line is it is a better investment even though it means digging deeper into your pocket to buy high-quality equipment.


Invest in an A/C cage


Some people steal A/C units and resell them for a considerable amount of money. Every property is vulnerable to the theft, whether you live in a high-end neighbourhood or rent a home in the inner-parts of the city.


You do not want to be a victim, so buy an A/C cage alongside the unit for security and protect your appliance from theft. Do not consider the extra amount of money you will spend as a waste because it will cost you more to replace the stolen air conditioner.


Prioritize the Size of Your House


When shopping for an air conditioning unit, make sure you consider the size of your home. The suitable unit for a medium-sized home differs from that of a large house. You may automatically think that it is better to get a larger one, but the truth is it is not always the case.


Although a bigger unit produces more power and better cooling or heating capabilities, if you have a smaller house, you may end up wasting a lot of energy and money with a bigger system. Go for a unit designed for the size of your home and make sure it can keep your home conducive and has excellent energy efficiency.


Factors to Consider When Buying an Air Conditioning Unit


Before you go shopping for an air conditioner, research what you need based on the size of your property, brand, and your budget. Here are the fundamental factors to consider.




It is essential to factor in the amount of energy the unit requires to perform its job. HVAC experts use (SEER) seasonal energy efficiency rating to compare and rate various air conditioning systems. A high-quality air conditioner has a high SEER number; go for one with a score of 10 or higher.




You do not want your air conditioner to disturb your peace by the amount of internal or external noise it emits, whether it is on the living room window or kitchen. Choose one that emits the lowest amount of noise.


Regional Climate


The external conditions should factor into your decision when picking an air conditioning unit. A lot of people live in humid environments, so the HVAC systems have to work harder to cool the houses. As the air conditioning unit works harder, it consumes more electricity.


Some air conditioners may also be unreliable in certain areas, so choose the right unit. Make sure the brand you pick can serve you efficiency regardless of the conditions of the place you live in and also get an extended warranty.


Health Features


Traditional air conditioners use mesh filters to collect dust and particles; however, the modern ones have built-in ionizers, antiviral, UV air filtration, and antioxidant filters that help in purifying the air in your home. The ideal air conditioner maintains the moisture in the air hence lowering the chances of getting dry eyes, skin, and throat. It is also suitable if you plan on living with the conditioner on.


HVAC Maintenance Tips


Your work does not end after installation; you must keep the unit in an excellent condition to make sure it serves you for a long time. It also ensures it operates efficiently, offers maximum comfort, and conserves energy. Make a point of blowing the filter after cooling and heating seasons or more depending on the dust levels in the area.


Your HVAC system will operate better if your home has excellent insulation and air-seal. Also, keep the components of the air conditioner clean by removing debris, dirt, and keep the vegetation at least two feet on every side. A programmable thermostat lowers or raises the temperatures by a certain percentage when you are sleeping or away from home hence saving costs.


It is paramount to maintain comfortable and healthy temperatures at home, mainly during extreme seasons, so install a high-quality air conditioner.



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