Can you fee drafts getting into your home when you stand close to the window? Are your windows difficult to open and close? Or have your energy utility bills been rising, and you cannot explain the why? Well, if the answers to all those questions are yes, then you should consider, not partial but full windows replacement. In replacement of windows, many things are involved.

Replacement of windows can involve replacing the window sashes or one of the operable panels, replacing the frame and the sash or replacing the entire windows, which is called full-frame windows replacement. According to WindowTech Windows and Doors, each of these options has its unique pros and cons as we shall discuss below. Take a gander.


Window Sash Replacement

The sash, also known as glass panels is the simplest part in the window and perhaps, the easiest to replace. Nevertheless, this option is only viable if the frame is in excellent condition. It shouldn’t be warped, rotten or peeling. It should have the original shape.

The new glass panels are installed like any typical window sash. However, they can wear and tear the old frame where they are installed. So, if you have to consider this option, do so knowing the aesthetic of your windows will be compromised.


Frame And Sash Replacement

Consider this type of windows replacement if jambs are in good standing, but the frame is not good condition. It can be warped or have signs of wear and tear.

So, in this case, the window jambs will not be removed, but only the frame and sash will be replaced on the existing jambs.


Full Frame Window Replacement

Sometimes the jambs, frame and the panes could be in a bad state. In this case, you should replace the entire window unit. This will involve getting rid of the old trim and casings. Doing so will make it possible to open the windows will installing the new replacement windows.

Of the three types of windows replacement, full-frame window installation gives you excellent performance in all aspects such as appearance, security and insulation.

When choosing windows for your home look for;

  • A sturdy frame with reinforced corners.
  • Quality hardware.
  • Tilt window sashes for effortless maintenance and cleaning.
  • Flashing, rather than caulking for efficient water management.
  • Easy to operate window sashes.


Choosing The Best Replacement Windows

If you have decided to go for full windows replacement, the next step would be to choose the styles of windows to use in your home. Here are a few things to consider;


Materials Matter

Most old homes have wood windows. You don’t have to utilise the same material for your windows. Though we don’t imply wood windows are bad, there are many other materials out there that offer the same benefits as wood without its cons.

You can consider fiberglass windows replacement. These windows mimic wood materials and offer excellent insulation. They are also very strong and easy to maintain.

Vinyl windows are probably the cheapest window replacement out there. They also offer excellent insulation and are easy to maintain.


Window Styles

Technology has enabled window manufacturers to create high-tech windows.  Nowadays, there is a myriad of window styles in the market. Some of the common styles you can opt for include;

  • Double and triple-hung windows- As the names suggest, double-hung windows come with two operable panes while triple-hung windows have three. These windows offer excellent insulation compared to their predecessor single hung windows. The glass panes have inert gas in between the glass, a technology meant to increase their insulation.
  • Casement windows- they are some of the common window replacement styles today. They are hinged vertically on one side of the frame and open horizontally. They are excellent for ventilation and offer a magnificent outside view.
  • Bay and bow windows- if you are after beauty, then this is the right styles of windows to choose. They extrude from the exterior wall, adding more interior space.


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