Put yourself in this situation: You’re a brand new homeowner who still hasn’t filled out much of the rooms in their home. A missing dining table, a lackluster couch, a battered tv stand, a subpar coffee table. Amongst all of the other furniture that you’re going to have to upgrade, maybe it would be time to get a better mattress too? Now thinking about it, you might not have been getting the sleep you want.

If you’re entirely new to mattress shopping since you’ve never really felt that you’ve needed to go on your own yet, don’t worry! It’s not that daunting of a task to accomplish. As long as you know what you’re looking for in a mattress, then looking, feeling, and testing through the different mattresses would be a breeze. However, if you don’t know, then here’s what you should be considering.

Consider Your Own Comfort Above All Else

Thinking about how comfortable you want to be when laying down would be an excellent point to start thinking about what you want in a mattress! Sure, you could go online and search for the best mattresses in your shops, but those are rated and reviewed by other people, and they don’t know the comfort you want like you do!

You could also think about something that you’ve needed to improve your sleep! Maybe you’ve needed a little more back support? Maybe you felt uncomfortable in your sleeping position – for those who side sleepers. Don’t think that a higher price means a better experience, so think about your comfort above all else!

What Type Of Mattress Would You Like?

Suppose you’ve done some sort of research on mattresses already. In that case, you’re probably already aware of the three very common mattresses that people go for – which would be the traditional innerspring mattresses, the memory foam mattresses, and the hybrid mattresses. But don’t forget that there are other, more niche mattress types on the market!

Some mattresses were developed to satisfy specific things that people are looking for! Not to mention how each type of mattress has its firmness levels and even more different feels within those different types! So you better make sure that you’re testing out the different mattresses in the store. If you’re ordering from an online shop, you should do your best to get a trial period!

What Size Mattress Do You Need?

It would pretty much be useless to get a bed that wouldn’t fit the dimensions of your room. Don’t even think about getting a bed that would look too large for your room. You wouldn’t even be able to maneuver around that much! So think about the dimensions of your room, how much wiggle room you want, and how much space you want while you lay down in your bed.

Having plenty of space when you sleep is one contributor that allows you to have a good night’s rest. On the other hand, you wouldn’t be able to get great sleep if your sleeping space were too narrow, suitable and if your bed’s too big, then you might feel a bit lonely! So think about the appropriate bed size that you want in your room.

Consider Your Health History

Why is health history important when buying a mattress, you might ask? Well, suppose you have some sort of allergy to certain chemicals in mattresses. In that case, you’re going to want to avoid that altogether, right? However, it shouldn’t be just with the materials; you could be allergic to the fumes or the dust that comes out of the mattresses! So make sure you consult with the clerks to make sure you can stay well away from those allergens!

Your health history could also include your sleeping habits! For example, you could be someone who prefers to stay elevated at specific parts of your body, or you could be someone who sleeps differently compared to other people. But, again, there are sure to be beds made to cater to the specific needs of some people, so maybe consider those beds if you’re a belly or side sleeper!

Consider Your Budget

At the end of the day, if you choose a mattress that has everything you’ve been searching for, but you can’t afford it, then you’re going to have to pass it up and move on. So before you start testing out the more expensive mattresses, ask the store clerk to escort you to the mattresses that do fit your price range and budget! Remember that the more expensive something is, doesn’t necessarily mean that that mattress fills out your wants and needs!


Like we said earlier in the article, mattress shopping isn’t that too hard of a task to do since you can also let the more knowledgeable handle it for you. However, if you’re going to find a bed that perfectly caters to your wants and needs, you’re going to have to be the one that tries out the beds to get a good feel for a mattress that suits you!

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