Are you considering changing your environment? Do you know packing techniques you can use to make relocating less stressful for you? Are you interested in knowing some tips for moving? If so, we’ve compiled some of the best moving hacks for a stress-free move. Some of these moving tips and tricks may change your views about moving. But, you never can tell, it just might be for the better. You only have to take the time out to practice and familiarize yourself with these techniques to make relocating a fun process for you.

1.    Learn to Save

One factor you want to consider before the move is that, the process can be quite expensive, especially when considering long distance moving Boston trips. But, no matter how costly it may seem, there’re always tricks you can pull to reduce cost. Consider the following:

1.1 Consider Various Options

An ideal trick to save money on the move will be to consider buying supplies that fall within your budget, if not lower. So, rather than hire a moving company without checking up to three moving companies, make sure to price and compare the estimates of each contractor. If you’re considering a cheaper transportation means, try to check for the cost of renting a moving van or a compact container to maximize your cost-effective options.

1.2 Find Free Packing Supplies

There’s always a chance you can get free packing supplies for the move. Buying new packing supplies may take up a larger part of your budget. To bag free packing supplies, all you need to do is ask family and friends for used packing boxes or simply visit a local grocery store to request used boxes.

1.3 Be Flexible

You never really have to move during the festive seasons or busy days of the week if the move is not urgent. So, save money by picking a moving day that does not fall within these festive or buzzing days of the year. The best option may just be to opt for a mid-day or mid-week move.

2.    How to Pack for A Move

When it comes to relocating, packing might just be the most laborious and annoying part of the whole process. The good news is that we’ve made this process easy for you with tip on moving and packing that save you time while ensuring every item in your home is safely wrapped for the move. Here are some tricks to help you cut corners when relocating.

2.1 Pack Clothes with the Hnger

For first-time movers, sorting out clothes in the new home can be quite tricky and time-consuming. One sure trick that always works is to keep your clothes as it is on the hanger and wrap them up. This way, you never have to start unfolding the clothes when unpacking. When packing, make sure that as you place the clothes with their hangers in the wardrobe box, you also group them. Grouping your clothes will ensure that you do not end up mixing your casual wear for your office and party wears.

2.2 Provide Cushioning for Breakable Items

The best way to keep your rare items, breakables, and glass from damaging during the move is to pad them with soft materials like towels and wrapping paper. Why? They act as the perfect cushioning to keep your home appliances from damage. So, never forget to wrap your glasses, lamps, vases, and other fragile kitchen utensils with linens, towels, and soft items. Likewise, make sure to secure your sharp cooking objects like cutting knives and forks to keep them from poking on your fragile items.

2.3 Wrap  Liquid Items with Plastic

If you’re planning on taking your shampoo, liquid soap, cleaning supplies, vegetable oil, and any other liquid item that might spill, it’s always best to secure them with plastic wrap. Get a plastic bag and quickly secure your liquid items to prevent them from spilling.

2.4 Take Pictures of Box Contents

Unlike robots and machines with high memory capacity, we’re humans and forget things easily, especially when stressed. So, when packing your items in the box, take a picture of the items in it to jog your memory when unpacking. This way, you have a general idea of the box content, and you never have to go through every single box looking for that spoon or shoe you need urgently.

2.5 Pack a Bag with Your Basic Essentials

The trip might go longer than you planned, and you might need to visit the toilet or make a quick stop in a lodge. What happens when you don’t have essentials like tissues, change-over nightwear, brush, toothpaste, or comb to use at that moment? Do you start rummaging through the boxed you already packed inside the moving van?

When planning a move, you need to pack a small suitcase that can fit in some essentials you may need on the road or during your first few nights at your new place. Also, pack essentials like medications, charger, change of clothes, toiletries, and necessary documents.


3.    Moving Day

Now, you’ve scaled the packing stage, it’s time to think about the D-day. Moving day can be super hectic. This easy moving advice will help you pull through the stress-filled day with ease.

3.1 Plan for Kids and Pet Accommodation When Packing

While you may want to keep your kids and pets within proximity for their safety, it’s always best to leave them with friends and loved ones on a moving day. Why? The simple answer is that they may be too little to help out with anything. With your kids safely away from the environment, loading up boxings and home equipment becomes easier.

3.2 Get Ready the Day Before the Move

You don’t want a situation where you think you’ve packed up everything only to find out you got a whole room left to pack. Avoid last-minute packing as much as possible and make sure you’ve packed up before the d-day.

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