One of the most annoying things at nighttime is the bright LED lights from our electronics just constantly blinking and shining their blinding lights on our sensitive, sensitive eyes. Furthermore, if you’re anything like us, you’re afraid of red LED lights in dark rooms. Back in ancient times, the only way to eliminate the never-ending blinking lights is, with a hammer, apply force onto the object that’s shining its ray beams at you. Nowadays, the best solution is the just cover them up. The LightDims Black Out Edition comes with a wide selection of black sticker shapes for covering those annoying LED lights. Just peel and stick. You can cut the larger strips to fit the size of the LED bulb so any awkwardly-shaped light won’t bother you at night. The best thing is that the LightDim’s proprietary adhesive doesn’t leave a sticky residue when you peel it off.

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