Are you on the verge of moving into a new home? Or are you planning to build one?

An important part of the preparation process is getting the house plumbed for several utilities: power, water, telecommunications, and – especially with a climate like ours – centralised heating.

In the case of that last item, choosing a boiler to ensure even heating throughout the house in colder months as well as a steady supply of hot water at all times is vital.

While there are several options to choose from where boilers are concerned, the combi boiler is becoming the system of choice, especially in highly-urbanised areas where living space seems to be growing smaller with each passing year. But is a combi boiler the best choice for your home?

What is a combi boiler best for?

If you live in a relatively small space such as a townhouse in a high-density residential area or an apartment, having a combi boiler rather than a conventional one makes perfect sense.

Combi boilers are built to be more compact than standard boilers. They are so compact that you can easily fit them into a kitchen cabinet or one in your basement or utility room. This is because a combi boiler doesn’t need separate reservoirs for hot and cold water; it connects directly to your water mains.

Another beauty of using a combi boiler for dispensing hot water in your home is that you get to have a hot water shower with mains pressure. Of course, if you have more than one tap open at any given time, the water pressure will decrease, but this is a relatively minor issue.

Also, because combi boilers only heat water up at need (unlike conventional boilers, which heat up water twice a day), there is less wastage as you get just the right amount whenever necessary.

The advantages of installing a combi boiler

They are more efficient

Combi boilers are perfect for smaller home spaces as these generate just the right amount of heat to warm living areas. Also, when it comes to heating water, these work faster.

More sustainable

Unlike conventional boilers that are not equipped with condensing technology, a lot of heat and combustible gases can escape through your flues. Not only is this inefficient, but it is potentially hazardous to the health of those living in the space and for the environment in general.

New-generation combi boilers are equipped with condensers that prevent heat and toxic gases from escaping, allowing for more even and much safer interior heating.

Easier to install and maintain

As stated earlier, combi boilers take up less space and take less time to install and are very easy to maintain. Likewise, if you took out a boiler cover plan when you bought your boiler or had it installed, it’s easy to call in maintenance or a repair team whenever necessary.

Safer water quality

Because combi boilers don’t store water in tanks, there s little risk of potentially toxic build-up contaminating your water supply. Also, because the heated water comes straight from the mains – meaning it has already been purified and made potable – it is perfectly safe to drink.

How Much Do Combi Boilers Cost?

To secure your home with a new boiler you’re looking to pay anywhere between 1,500 to 3,000, which is a substantial upfront cost, however, it’s worth bearing in mind that the average boiler will last around a decade. IN addition, there is assistance available for eligible households in the form of Free Boiler Grants and other types of funding.

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