A concrete sealer is a backbone for the success of the engineer and contractors project. The quality, durability, and performance of concrete sealers are the pillars for the success of any project. Brush, sprayer of low pressure, microfiber pad or applying sealer with a roller is sufficient for concrete sealer. Many methods are used for concrete sealer but here we are giving an introduction of the most common method that is by a roller. Using a brush for the task is a difficult job than a roller. It is not possible to answer that what is the dry time for a sealer because it depends on several factors and one of the most important is the type of sealer you use. Temperature, humidity and dew point stands as some other factors.


Meaning and importance of applying sealer with a roller-


Protection of Surface is the main objective of concrete sealer. The concrete sealer works as a layer of protection to save concrete from a variety of conditions like rain, moisture, wind, sunlight and even cracked. The cost of decorative concrete sealer is different from the cost of penetrating concrete sealer. However, by how much they both are different it depends on your objective. Applying sealer with a roller will become easy after having a look at the following steps-


  • Starting with manufacturer’s instruction will help you a lot
  • Before applying one more coat over others it is advised to ensure it is dry
  • All the coats must be tried on the same day to avoid colors combination


After the concrete is placed dry time for concrete sealer-



Providing proper conditions for achieving moisture condition is termed as drying of concrete. Mostly 1 to 3 hours of dry time for concrete sealer is sufficient to touch. Finishing and bleed water are the main factors for deciding that when we can apply our curing agents like PS101 and TS200. However, minimum 28days old surface is advised as a suitable dry time for concrete sealer. The absorption level of surface and type of sealer used are the factors on which the coverage rate of concrete depends. Moreover, 1-3 hours is regarded best when a concrete sealer is ready to touch and dry easily.


What is to be expected from dry time for a concrete sealer?


The dry time for concrete sealers depends on the absorption of application into a surface. Moreover, wear and weathering are also an important factor in this. Light maintenance applications are necessary to maintain or extend the life of the concrete sealer. The cleanup process usually depends on the type of sealer. Water- based sealers aim at cleaning compounds. Mineral spirits, gel and other cleaning compounds are used for solvent- based sealers.


Dry time for concrete sealer depends on environmental conditions-



Dry surface for concrete sealer is to be given priority than the wet surface. Moisture in wet surface will leads to blushing and poor adhesion. It is recommended for concrete sealers to apply them at below 50F and above 100F. Considering the product label of the targeted product is essential for getting specific details. Slip resistance is recommended to be applied by which slip resistance can be maintained on a targeted surface.


How you apply concrete sealer will result in dry time for you-


Making your concrete more resistant to oil stains, grease or water is the main objective of a concrete sealer. Cleaning is a hectic process for all of us. A concrete sealer will help us to make our objective easy. Moreover, bringing out the natural beauty of our concrete is also possible by a concrete sealer. Applying a concrete sealer is essential for a successful task. Moreover, along with surface preparation selecting the right application tool is also an important factor for a successful outcome. Brand of sealer is not a big issue the only thing which matters is how you use it. Following are some guidelines for how to seal your concrete-


  • Dust particles like oil. Grease and dust are necessary to be removed from concrete.
  • Etching solution will help you to open up the concrete
  • A thin coat of sealer is to be applied by sprayer
  • Wait and watch the first sealer is drying now
  • Apply for the second one in the opposite direction 


Dry time for sealing concrete-



Dry conditions are recommended for applying sealers by which we can save us from haziness. Dry time can be as long as 3days to heavy traffic. Surface selection is of prime importance before applying a sealer. Dry time for concrete sealer depends on two different methods that are by sprayer or applying sealer with a roller to concrete surfaces.  You can go for anyone of them but the selected method should fulfill our objective. Depending on the concrete 250-300 sq ft per gallon is regarded as the suitable coverage rate.


Sealing by your own is not a difficult task-


You are allowed to perform this task of sealing on your own. It is not a difficult task. However, it is necessary to keep some points in mind for achieving expected results-


  • It is advised to use a warm sealer to prevent it from being frozen. Moreover, the temperature of 60F is suggested for starting your task
  • To avoid it will be beneficial to forecast the temperature
  • Comfortable clothes are to be given preference
  • For getting your expected results from roller try to avoid solid substances




Clean surface and free of deterioration are recommended as the best dry time for concrete sealer to apply. A technical data sheet is necessary to be noticed before making any decision. Applying sealer with a roller is a time consuming process. Moreover, it will also benefit you as it is a cost- effective option for repairing. Mainly sealers are divided into two categories. The first one is Topical Sealers, Protecting you by stains and chemicals are the main objective of topical sealers. Adhesion is their prime objective which is to be gain and for this, they require a clean and a dry surface during application. Another one is penetrating sealers, they can be applied to dry as well as damp surfaces to effectively react and penetrate the surface. The lifespan of penetrating sealers is average of 5 years.





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